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Ep. 194 | Nov 7, 2019

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In the summer of 2015, Brandon Rosenthal and Erick Garcia worked together and would meet up to talk sports during their lunch breaks. The two would discuss the latest in the NBA, NFL, boxing, and the latest sports podcast they just listened to. After months of talking about sports and other peoples podcasts, the guys decided to start their own show. Brandon and Erick were both fan of podcasts themselves, so it was an easy decision.

In March 2016, a microphone was purchased at Best Buy, and the 30 Minute Lunchbreak Podcast was created. Brandon & Erick would meet up on their lunch breaks and record podcasts in the car, usually at the mall or on a side street. On occasion, Social Mike would join in the backseat, but just as a silent witness. Since that time, the show has grown into a blog, and now a website. Social Mike has gone from silent Mike to a full-time member of the team, contributing on many levels.

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