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2017/18 NBA Trades, Signings & Releases

The most exciting time of the NBA season is here…the OFF-Season! Stay connected and up to date with all of the player movement from the NBA off-season. Important deals will get a quick thought from Brandon.

Last Updated: 7/15/17 11:10 AM PST

Top Stories


Rockets acquire CP3


Hayward joins Boston


Curry signs max; KD stays Put


Thunder trade for Paul George


T-Wolves get Jimmy


Blake stays a Clipper


July 13, 2017 (Last day for teams withdraw qualifying offers to restricted free agents.)
July 6, 2017 (NBA Moratorium ends – contracts can be official)
July 1, 2017 (Free Agency Begins)
June 24, 2017 (NBA Draft)

Saturday, July 15

Rondo chooses Pelicans

NOPelicans Sign:
PG Rajon Rondo (1 year)

Quick Thought: Rondo rejoins his old buddy Demarcus Cousins in New Orleans. Look for Rondo to be the starting point guard and have Jrue Holiday slide to the shooting guard. Rondo is still a solid pg, and had the Bulls up 2-0 on the Celtics (in the 2017 playoffs) before he went down with an injury. Not surprised Rondo chose the Pelicans, as he will get much more playing time there instead of the Lakers.

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Friday, July 14

Rockets sign Tarik

HOURockets Sign:
C Tarik Black

Bulls claim Nwaba

CHIBulls Sign:
SG David Nwaba

Simmons joins Magic

ORLMagic Sign:
F/G Jonathan Simmons (3 years)

Quick Thought: This is very surprising. I think all of us thought Simmons would go back to the Spurs, even after they renounced him as a restricted free agent. The move makes sense for Orlando, simply because Simmons is a very good player. However, the makeup of the Magic roster is not great. Simmons joins a very crowded back court, at another reasonable deal.

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Thursday, July 13

Jazz release Boris Diaw

UTAJazz Release:
F/C Boris Diaw

Quick Thought: Boris shouldn’t be out of a job long. I smell the Spurs.

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Wednesday, July 12

Jazz sign Jerebko

UTAJazz Sign:
F Jonas Jerebko (2 years, $8.5 million)

Quick Thought: Jerebko plays hard, and will fit right into this system off the bench. With Boris Diaw soon to be out, Jerebko will just take his minutes.

Jazz sign Thabo

UTAJazz Sign:
F Thabo Sefolosha (2 years, $10.5 million)

Quick Thought: The Jazz sign Thabo to replace Hayward, at least some of his minutes. Thabo plays defense and plays hard, so he will fit right into HC Kirk Snyder’s system.

Lakers waive Nwaba

LALLakers Release:
SG David Nwaba

Quick Thoughts: Nwaba joined the team as a late D-League (now G-League) call up and wowed a lot of people. With the addition of KCP (see below), the Lakers needed to release someone. If Nwaba clears waivers, and it’s expected he will, the Lakers could and should re-sign him.

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Tuesday, July 11

Lakers sign KCP

LALLakers Sign:
SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (1 year, $18 million)

Quick Thoughts: KCP joins the Lakers, and immediately becomes the starting shooting guard alongside Lonzo Ball. This move helps out both sides. The Lakers get a three-and-d guy in KCP, and KCP gets to retry the market in 2018 (and still get paid). Oh, and KCP is a Klutch media guy (LeBron’s company). Just saying…

Nuggets waive Mike Miller

DENNuggets Release:
F Mike Miller

Quick Thoughts: Mike Miller has always been one of my personal favorite players. This might be the end of the road for him.

Dedmon joins Hawks

ATLHawks Sign:
C Dewayne Dedmond(2 years, $14 million)

Quick Thought: This is a bit of a surprise, as I thought Dedmon was going back to the Spurs. He will get plenty of playing time here, which wasn’t as guaranteed in San Antonio. I am excited to see what he brings to the table. Dedmon averages 13.4 rebounds per 36 mins, and he will plenty of chances to get close to this number.

Pistons sign Tolliver

DETPistons Sign:
C Anthony Tolliver (1 year, $3.3 million)

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Monday, July 10

Pistons resign Bullock

DETPistons Sign:
PG Reggie Bullock (2 years, $5 million)

Magic waive CJ Watson

ORLMagic Release:
PG CJ Watson

Spurs sign Lauvergne

SASSpurs Sign:
C Joffrey Lauvergne (2 years)

Suns lock up young big man

PHOSuns Resign:
C Alan Williams (3 years, $17 million)

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Sunday, July 9

Raptors sign-and-trade for C.J. Miles


Pacers Get:
PG Corey Joseph


TORRaptors Get:
F/G C.J. Miles (3 years, $25 million)

Quick Thoughts: CJ Miles joins the Raptors in a sign-and-trade with the Pacers. Miles will fill the void by the recently traded DeMarre Carrol, and assume the starting SF role for the Raps. I like Miles. He can shoot the ball, is super streaky, and can score the ball when Lowry and DeRozan get cold in the postseason (you know it will happen). The Pacers get Corey Joseph, who probably is missing Popovich right now.

Celtics sign back up Center

BOSCeltics Sign:
C Aron Baynes (1 year, 4.3 million)

Quick Thoughts: Baynes joins Boston as the back up center. He has played under Popovich and Stan Van Gundy, so he must have picked up something…right?

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Saturday, July 8

James Harden signs super-max extension

HOURockets Resign:
G James Harden (4 years, $169 million extension)

Quick Thoughts: James Harden will be a member of the Houston Rockets until at least 2023. GM Daryl Morey signs Harden to the largest contract in NBA History. On top of the two years on his current deal, this new deal will pay Harden $228 MILLION over 6 years. (Move over, Steph Curry).

Raptors clear space, trade Carroll


Nets Get:
F DeMarre Carroll


TORRaptors Get:
2018 First Round Pick, 2018 Second Round Pick, F Justin Hamilton

Quick Thoughts: This is a great trade for both teams. After missing out on Otto Porter, the Nets go out and get Carroll, who can eat up salary and play defense. Nets GM Sean Marks has turned Brook Lopez and Justin Hamilton into D’Angelo Russell, Timofey Mozgov, DeMarre Carroll, and two picks next year. Not bad, Mr. Marks. As for the Raptors, they clear MUCH needed cap space by trading DeMarre. This puts them in the Melo sweepstakes, as they are looking for that one piece to get them past the Cavs and Boston. Sure the Raps lose two picks, but they should be solid (record wise) and not get great picks anyway.

Wizards match Nets offer sheet, resign Otto Porter

WASWizards Resign:
SF Otto Porter (4 years, $108 million)

Quick Thoughts: As expected, Otto Porter rejoins the Washington Wizards as they try and make a serious run at the Cavs. Otto had a coming out party last season, and looks to improve on his numbers.

Knicks sign Tim Hardaway Jr.

NYKKnicks Sign:
SG Tim Hardaway Jr. (4 Years, $71 million)

Quick Thoughts: The Hawks decline to match the offer sheet, as Tim Hardaway Jr. rejoins the Knicks as the starting shooting guard.


Jamal Crawford joins Minnesota

twolvesTimberwolves Sign:
SG Jamal Crawford (2 Years, $8.9 million)

Quick Thoughts:  Jamal Crawford, who was linked to the Cavs and Lakers, decides to join the up-and-coming Timberwolves. This had to be about playing time, because the Cavs are the best shot for Jamal to win a title. This should be fun to watch!

Friday, July 7

Jeff Green is a Cavalier

CLECavaliers Sign:
F Jeff Green (1 Year, $2.3 million)

Quick Thought: Jeff Green has done this before. He signs with a team and we all say, “wow! Jeff Green and (insert team here)! what a great signing!”. So, I will say it anyway. I’m excited for Jeff Green on the Cavs. Green has his moments, but he’s FAR too inconsistent. Green with LeBron James though…..Image result for thinking emojiImage result for thinking emoji

Raymond Felton chooses Thunder

OKCThunder Sign:
PG Raymond Felton (1 Year)

Quick Thought: While Raymond Felton isn’t the player he was, he’s still a very serviceable back up point guard. Felton is smart, can shoot the three, and is very tough. He gives HC Billy Donovan the versatility to provide plenty of different line-ups.

Zaza stays in GSW

GSWWarriors Resign:
C Zaza Pachulia (1 Year, $3.5 million)

Quick Thought: Zaza stays in Oakland to be the Warriors starting center. While Zaza doesn’t score much, he is a solid defender, and had a hand (or foot) in last season’s championship run.

Magic sign Shelvin Mack

ORLMagic Sign:
G Shelvin Mack (2 Years, $12 million)

Quick Thought: Not too sure what to make of this one. This team has a ton of point guards, including one they are trying to build up, Elfrid Payton.

Jamal gets his wish, gets bought out by Hawks

ATLHawks Release:
G Jamal Crawford

Quick Thought: Jamal gets his wish and gets bought out by the Hawks. He is now free to sign with whomever he wishes, and he’s been linked to the Cavs & Lakers.

Tyreke joins Grit & Grind

MEMGrizzlies Get:
G/F Tyreke Evans (1 Year, $3.3 million)

Quick Thought: Tyreke will have a chance to join the Grit & Grind mentality of the Grizzlies, and potentially play some meaningful minutes.

Bojan signs with Indiana

IND Pacers Get:
F Bojan Bogdanovic (2 Years, $21 million)

Quick Thought: Bojan takes his $10.5 mill a season and shoot semi-contested jumpers in Indiana.

Celtics trade Bradley to Pistons


Pistons Get:
SG Avery Bradley


BOSCeltics Get:
F Marcus Morris, 2019 Second Round Pick

Quick Thoughts: This is a bit of a shocker. Celtics trade Avery Bradley, who was by-far their best perimeter defender, to the Pistons for Marcus Morris. Morris plays the same position as the players the Celtics just drafted and signed (Tatum & Hayward). I don’t understand this one, unless Danny Ainge sees something special out of Marcus Smart. The Pistons get a All-NBA defender (should have been, at least) in Bradley, and this also essentially seals Kentavious Caldwell-Pope’s fate as a Piston.

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Thursday, July 6

Knicks sign Tim Hardaway Jr. to offer sheet

NYKKnicks Sign to Offer Sheet:
SG Tim Hardaway Jr. (4 Years, $71 million)

Quick Thoughts: Oh. My. Goodness. Phil? Are you still the President of the Knicks? I felt like that question needed to be asked after this deal. Good for TH Jr. Get your money bro! This contact is more than his dad ever made in his career! As for the Knicks, or Kazoo’s (as Zach Lowe & Howard Beck call them), this doesn’t make a ton of sense. Let this tweet by Bobby Marks explain the thought process of the Knicks:

I’m sorry, Knicks fans. At least you still have Kristaps.

Nets sign Otto Porter to offer sheet

BKN Nets Sign to Offer Sheet:
SF Otto Porter

Quick Thoughts: All indications are that the Wizards will match, and he will return to Washington. Until then, the ball is in the Wizards court (pun intended). The Wizards have two days to match.

7/9/17 – Update: Wizards have matched offer sheet.

James Johnson stays in Miami

F James Johnson (4 Years, $60 million)

Quick Thought: James Johnson stays in Miami, where he had a revitalizing season. Almost doubling his numbers from 2015/16, Johnson looks to pick up right where he left off in 2016/17.

Vinsanity is going to NorCal

SACKings Sign:
F/G Vince Carter (1 Year, $8 million)

Quick Thought: Vince decided on playing time in Sacramento over the chance to win a ring. Vince, who is 40 years old, still has some spark left in those legs. While this may be the end, we all know Vince will have some fun on the way out.

Rudy Gay chooses San Antonio


Spurs Sign:
F/G Rudy Gay (2 Years, $17 million)

Quick Thought: Rudy Gay decided it was time to join a serious contender, and the Spurs have been that for the last twenty years. While Gay might not be the player he was before the Achilles injury, he can still provide solid minutes off the bench and shooting at the wing/stretch four.

Kelly Olynyk signs with Miami


HEAT Sign:
C/PF Kelly Olynyk (4 Years, $50 million)

Quick Thought: While Pat Riley misses out on Hayward, he lands another white dude, Kelly Olynyk. He can stretch the floor and provide spacing for Waiters & Dragic. Olynyk also fits well with Whiteside, so this is a solid signing. The pony-tail is going to be a huge hit in South Beach.

Clippers sign Euro star Milos Teodosic

lacClippers Sign:
PG Milos Teodosic (2 Years, $12.3 million)
Quick Thought: Milo is 30 years old and a star overseas, so the Clippers are getting a veteran point guard at a reasonable price. Teodosic was voted best player overseas by GM’s. Over his last three seasons in the Euroleague, he’s averaged 15.6 ppg & 6.5 apg, while shooting over 40% from three. Granted, this is the NBA, this could be a good fit, and saves the Clippers from signing Derrick Rose.

Enjoy some YouTube highlights!

Dirk back for one more year

243px-Dallas_Mavericks_logo.svgMavericks Resign:
PF Dirk Nowitzki (2 Years, $10 million)

Quick Thought: Dirk is back for at least one more year. The legend will remain a Maverick, as if there was any doubt. Dirk was still pretty productive last year (14.2 ppg in 26 mpg), but only played in 54 games. This could very well be it, and I can’t wait to see how he goes out.

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Roberson stays in OKC

OKCThunder Resign:
G/F Andre Roberson (3 Years, $30 million)

Quick Thought: Roberson returns to a much improved Thunder team. He can now play defense freely alongside the newly acquired Paul George, which should be a terror for most wing players not named LeBron James or Kevin Durant. The contract is relatively team friendly, though Roberson’s VERY poor free throw shooting was exposed last season in the playoffs.


Heat resign Dion Waiters

MIAHeat Sign:
G Dion Waiters (4 Years, $52 million)

Quick Thought: After flirting with the Lakers and Knicks, Dion Waiters rejoins a Miami team that barely missed the postseason in 2016/17. Dion scored 15.8 ppg, his highest since his sophomore year in the NBA (15.9 in 2013/14). He will look to improve on the 46 games played, as he was a very key cog in HC Erik Spoelstra’s offense.

Pacers waive Monta Ellis

Pacers Release:
G Monta Ellis

Quick Thought: Once a budding All-Star, Monta Ellis has been waived by the Pacers. His numbers and efficiency has taken a hit the last two season, though he was never the most efficient player. Monta could always score, but lately that’s been tough. He scored 18.9 ppg in 2014/15 (in Dallas), 13.8 in 2015/16 and 8.5 last year, his lowest since his rookie season. While it’s clear Monta is declining, on the right team (Spurs), he could still provide something.

Swaggy P joins the Champs

GSWWarriors Sign:
SG Nick Young (1 Year, $5.2 million)

Quick Thought: The Warriors just keep adding shooters. Not only do they keep everyone, they’ve added Omri Casspi and now Nick Young. Swaggy P is fresh off playing for his hometown Lakers, and is now ready for the postseason. Expect tons of hilarious moments like this:

It’s going to prime Swaggy P (confidence, at least)

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Thunder & Patterson agree to deal

OKCThunder Sign:
PF Patrick Patterson (3 Years, $19 million)

Quick Thought: Patterson joins OKC and replaces the departing Taj Gibson. Patterson should get plenty of open looks from Westbrook and George, and should fit in nicely with Kanter and Adams. Another great signing from Thunder GM Sam Presti, as he continues to recover nicely from the Durant/Oladipo summer of ’16.

Gordon Hayward joins Celtics

BOSCeltics Sign:
SF Gordon Hayward (4 Years, $128 million)

Quick Thoughts: After some back-and-forth, Gordon Hayward makes his decision, and decides the chance to win in Boston was too great. I agree. Why come back to Utah, where the Jazz are the 5th or 6th at best…WITH Hayward. Now, Hayward can focus on getting to the Eastern Conference Finals, where he has a very good shot to do so. Hayward also “broke” his own news with his own piece on The Players Tribune.


Hayward pens his goodbye to Utah as he bolts for greener pastures

Heat release Chris Bosh


Heat Release:
PF/C Chris Bosh

Quick Thoughts: With Bosh out all of last year with blood clots, it was only a matter of time before this move happened. Still, it stinks to see Bosh not playing basketball anymore. The Heat did the classy thing, and will retire his #1 in the rafters. Well done Riles, well done.


The number “1” will never be worn by another player and we can’t wait to someday hang his jersey in the rafters.” – Pat Riley

Warriors sign Omri Casspi

GSWWarriors Sign:
F Omri Casspi (1 Year, $2 million)

Quick Thought: Omri brings his intelligence and shooting to the Warriors, who don’t need any help. But nonetheless, they get some. Casspi will just add to the dynamic lineups that Kerr can now present.

Gallinari signs with Clippers in sign-and-trade with Nuggets & Hawks

Clippers Sign:
SF Danilo Gallinari (3 Years, $65 million)



Nuggets Sign/Get:
PF Paul Millsap (3 years, $90 million), 2019 Second Round Pick



Hawks Get:
SG Jamal Crawford, Diamond Stone, 2018 First Round Pick (via Houston)

Quick Thoughts: While this deal is not finished yet, it seems to be wrapped up. Gallo gives the Clippers the wing player they’ve desperately needed, however is it too late in his career? He did not play at all in 2013-14, and has not played in more than 63 games (this past season) since. Still, he’s only 29 and has averaged over 18.5 ppg in the last two seasons, and will give Blake Griffin the space to be the point forward. Denver gets to throw in their latest FA signing Paul Millsap to match salaries, where the Hawks get to take on the expiring deal of Jamal Crawford (who will likely be bought out).

Mike Scott joins Wizards


Wizards Sign:
F Mike Scott (1 Year, veteran’s minimum)

Kings sign Z-Bo & Hill


Kings Sign:
G George Hill (3 Years, $57 million), PF Zach Randolph (2 Years, $24 million)

Quick Thoughts: The Kings make some serious noise as the sign George Hill and Zach Randolph. Hill looks to be the immediate starter at the PG, to mentor and challenge young rookie De’Aaron Fox. Zach Randolph brings his experience and low post game to Sacramento, where he could be the starting PF for this team. Solid veteran moves for Kings GM Vlade Divac, as the Kings look to fight for the 7 or 8 seed.

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Monday, July 3, 2017

Collison goes back to Indy


Pacers Resign:
PG Darren Collison (2 Years, $20 million)

Quick Thoughts: Darren Collison goes back to the Pacers franchise (was a Pacer from 2010-12), but this time as the starting point guard. Collison has shown the ability to score the ball (16.1 ppg in ’14/15). I don’t think he can lead this team to the post season, but I do expect lots of pick-and-roll lobs to Myles Turner. So that should be fun.

KD stays with champs


Warriors Resign:
SF Kevin Durant (2 Years, $53 million)

Quick Thoughts: Kevin Durant resigning with the Warriors was completely expected. What we didn’t expect was KD giving the Dubs a big-time discount. KD allows the Warriors to resign all of their guys (Igoudala, Livingston), which keeps them atop the NBA. KD does have a player option for 18/19, so this could be deja vu in 2018.

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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lowry stays in Toronto


Raptors Resign:
PG Kyle Lowry (3 Years, $100 million)

Quick Thoughts: Lowry resigns in Toronto, where the Raps have a real shot at the number two seed in the East. Lowry’s health remains a tad bit risky, and we’ve seen him breakdown in the postseason the last two years. Nevertheless, Lowry stays with the franchise he’s helped build into a semi-contender (and broke his own news with a Player’s Tribute piece).

Denver signs Millsap


Nuggets Sign:
PF Paul Millsap (3 Years, $90 million)

Quick Thoughts: Millsap gets paid as he moves over to the West and joins the Nuggets. The West is stacked, but it’s hard to turn down $30M annually (I imagine so, at least). Millsap adds some much needed defensive effort to this squad, and will blend in nicely with budding center Nikola Jokic.

Memphis signs McLemore


Grizzlies Sign:
SG Ben McLemore (2 Years, $10.7 million)

Quick Thoughts: Grizzlies sign McLemore to a pretty cheap deal, and he has a shot to make the rotation. I see McLemore taking Vince Carter’s minutes, as VC looks to move to a title contender.

Justin Holiday signs with Chicago


Bulls Sign:
G Justin Holiday (2 Years, $9 million)

Quick Thoughts: Meh. Holiday is a young prospect but the Bulls still have Wade. What a mess.

Nene/Rockets finally get it done


Rockets Resign:
C Nene Hilario (1 Year, $11 million)

Quick Thoughts: After some back-and-forth, the Rockets and Nene finally agree to get a deal done. Nene is back for one more year, and it should be a good year for the Rockets.

Korver stays in The Land


Cavaliers Resign:
SG Kyle Korver (3 Years, $22 million)

Quick Thoughts: Korver stays in Cleveland, where he is guaranteed to get open looks from LeBron James, a very nice incentive. Korver is in good shape still at 37, but did wear down a bit in the finals.

Jodie Meeks joins Wizards


Wizards Sign:
SG Jodie Meeks (2 Years, $7 million)

Quick Thoughts: Wiz take a cheap gamble here with Meeks, who’s been injured the last couple of seasons. Meeks is a deadly three point shooter when healthy, and could provide some much needed bench help and spacing in Washington.

Serge stays in the Six


Raptors Resign:
PF/C Serge Ibaka (3 Years, $65 million)

Quick Thoughts: Raptors keep Ibaka is a good decision on both parties. Serge stays in the East, where the Raps could potentially get to the ECF, and he also gets paid over $20M annually. Not bad for a guy who’s 36 27 Years old.

Taj Gibson joins Minnesota


Timberwolves Sign:
PF Taj Gibson (2 Years, $28 million)

Quick Thoughts: Minnesota is quickly becoming the early 2010 Chicago Bulls 2.0. Taj joins a group with a ton of familiar faces, and he brings some much needed toughness and defense to this club. Timberwolves should be locked-in to a playoff spot.

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Warriors sign two-time MVP Stephen Curry to super-max


Warriors Re-sign:
PG Steph Curry (5 Years, $201 million)

Quick Thoughts: Curry becomes the highest paid player in league history, and deservedly so. Curry was on a very team friendly team previously, which allowed this current group of Warriors to be assembled.

Clippers resign Blake to five year deal


Clippers Resign:
PF Blake Griffin (5 Years, $173 million)

Quick Thoughts: Speculation if Blake would leave or not quickly ended after meeting with the only NBA team he’s ever known. The Clippers give Blake the 5th year and reigns of the franchise after the departure of CP3. If healthy (and it’s a big IF), I expect big things from Blake.

Jeff Teague agrees to join revamped Timberwolves


Timberwolves Sign:
PG Jeff Teague (3 Years, $57 million)

Quick Thoughts: Minnesota gets their PG after trading away Rubio. Teague is a solid point guard with playoff experience, however he’s not as gifted as a passer as Rubio. This should be an interesting fit, mostly depending on if Teague can find his three point stroke (40% in ’15-’16). Teague has a player-option as well for the third (and final) year of the deal, so this could be a short-lived tenure.

Warriors keep Iggy


Warriors Resign:
F/G Andre Iguodala (3 Years, $48 million)

Quick Thoughts: Andre Igoudala resigns with the Warriors, where he became a two-time champion. Three more years of title runs for Iggy was an easy decision, though reports say he was close to leaving.

Patty Mills stays with Spurs


Spurs Resign:
PG Patty Mills (4 Years, $50 million)

Quick Thoughts: Patty Mills stays with the only franchise he’s ever known (seems to be a trend). With Tony Parker’s injury, this opens up a spot in the starting line-up for Mills. He’s a knock-down shooter, but not much a distributor.

Shaun Livingston stays with Warriors


Warriors Resign:
G Shaun Livingston (3 Years, $24 million)

Quick Thoughts: Livingston stays with the two-time champs in another team friendly deal. Livingston has become a vital role player for the Dubs, and decided quickly he did not want to leave (would you?). Warriors bringing the gang back together.

Tony Snell stays with Bucks


Bucks Resign:
F/G Tony Snell (4 Years, $46 million)

Quick Thoughts: Tony Snell earns a nice payday after a very solid season in Milwaukee. I doubt he’s a member of the Bucks for the entire duration of the deal, but it’s nice to see Snell getting paid.

Jrue Holiday says in New Orleans


Pelicans Resign:
PG Jrue Holiday (5 Years, $126 million)

Quick Thoughts: The Pelicans did what they should (and truly only could) do and resign Holiday to a max contract. Holiday is a very good point guard, who’s been dealing with a lot of off the court family issues (his wife had a brain tumor). With everything all good now, and Holiday resigned, I expect New Orleans to compete for a playoff spot.

Chicago resigns big-man Felicio


Bulls Resign:
C/F Cristiano Felicio (4 Years, $132 million)

David West rejoins Warriors


Warriors Resign:
F/C David West (1 Years, veteran-minimum)

Galloway/Pistons agree to deal


Pistons Sign:
G Langston Galloway (3 Year, $21 million)

J.J. Redick joins “The Process”


76ers Sign:
SG JJ Redick (1 Years, $23 million)

Quick Thoughts: JJ signs with the 76ers to give them some veteran presence in a very young locker room. Also, he had an additional 23 million reasons to join the 76ers.

Amir Johnson joins 76ers


76ers Sign:
PF/C Amir Johnson (1 Years, $11 million)

Quick Thoughts: Amir Johnson stays in the East, and joins the Sixers. Should provide veteran leadership and backup minutes for Embiid.

MCW joins the Hornets


Hornets Sign:
PG Michael Carter-Williams (1 Years, $2.7 million)

Joe Ingles stays in Utah


Jazz Resign:
PF Joe Ingles (4 Years, $50 million)

Quick Thoughts: Joe Ingles stays in Utah and keep his sharpshooting in the West, after showing some interest in Eastern conference teams. The Jazz are hoping this leads to Hayward in a Jazz uniform for five more years.

PJ Tucker joins Rockets


Rockets Sign:
G/F PJ Tucker

Quick Thoughts: Houston continues to build their attempt at a super team to dismantle the Dubs. Tucker will provide some veteran wing defense and (hopefully) three point shooting.

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Thunder take gamble, trade for Paul George

Thunder Get:
F/G Paul George


INDPacers Get:
G Victor Oladipo, F/C Domantas Sabonis

Quick Thoughts: Sam Presti and the Thunder come out of nowhere to snag Paul George (and his expiring contract). George adds the #2 star the Thunder have been looking for, and will help them contend in the West, for at least the 17/18 season. The Pacers price was not as steep as once thought, as all they got was an underachieving Victor Oladipo (who goes home to Indiana, where he went to college) and prospect in Sabonis. Oladipo is still young (and under contract) so the Pacers are hoping he can blossom into the player that made him the #2 overall pick in 2013.

Update: Trade is now official. Thunder Press Release


Jazz get their PG, trade for Ricky Rubio

Timberwolves Get:
2018 First Round Pick (Top 14 protected)



Jazz Get:
PG Ricky Rubio

Quick Thoughts: Timberwolves unload Rubio to free up cap space, and get a first round pick they have a 50% shot at keeping. As for the Jazz, this move pretty much ends George Hill’s tenure as a member of the team. Rubio brings his supreme court vision (and lack of shooting) to Utah and HC Quin Snyder.

Bulls releases former All-Star Rajon Rondo


Bulls Release:
PG Rajon Rondo, PG Isiah Cannan

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Rockets acquire All-Star PG Chris Paul

lacClippers Get:
PG – Patrick Beverly, G – Lou Williams, F – Sam Dekker, F/C – Montrezl Harrell, G – Darun Hilliard, F/C – Kyle Wiltjer, G – DeAndre Liggins


HOURockets Get:
PG – Chris Paul

Quick Thoughts: The Houston Rockets were able to pair All-NBA PG Chris Paul with All-NBA G James Harden in a eight-player deal. Eight! CP3 old tweets may or may not look suspect right about now. Regardless, this pairs two of the best (and most dominate) ball-handlers in the NBA. The question remains, is this enough to beat the juggernaut?

Rockets acquire multiple players for cash/picks

HOURockets Get:
G/F Tim Quarterman from Blazers for Cash Considerations
F Shawn Long from 76ers for future 2nd Round Pick
F Ryan Kelly from Hawks for Cash Considerations
G Darun Hillard from Pistons for Cash Considerations
G DeAndre Liggins from Mavericks for Cash Considerations

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

2017 NBA Draft
Lakers trade D’Angelo Russell to Brooklyn

Lakers Get:
C Brook Lopez


Nets Get:

PG D’Angelo Russell, C Timofey Mozgov

Quick Thoughts: Lakers trade away the 2015 #2 pick, acquire a pretty solid big man, and free themselves from the contract of Mozgov in a cap dump (more or less). Brooklyn receives the aforementioned Russell, in a chance to resurrect a career that did not start out great, but had plenty of highlights. Fun Fact: Russell COOKED the Nets each time he saw them, scoring 24.3 points, while shooting 55% from the floor and 58% from three (in three wins and one loss).

T-Wolves make a splash, trade for Jimmy Butler

Timberwolves Get:
G/F Jimmy Butler, 2017 First Round Pick #16 (Justin Patton)


CHIBulls Get:
PG Kris Dunn, G Zach LaVine, 2017 First Round Pick #7 (Lauri Markkanen)

Quick Thoughts: In a very confusing deal, the Bulls trade away their best player…AND swap draft pick spots. Jimmy Butler now joins Minnesota, who is trying their darnedest to form a big three to compete with the Warriors (and now Houston). As for Chicago, they get LaVine (who just tore his ACL), Dunn (who stunk in 2016)…and still have Wade (at $24M) and Rondo (about to be released). Fun time to be a Bulls fan!

Blazers-Kings Swap Picks

SACKings Get:
2017 First Round Pick #15 (Justin Jackson), 2017 First Round Pick #20 (Harry Giles)

Trailblazers Get:

2017 First Round Pick #10 (Zach Collins)

Jazz-Nuggets Swap Picks

DENNuggets Get:
F Trey Lyles, 2017 First Round Pick #24 (Tyler London)

UTAJazz Get:
2017 First Round Pick #13 (Donovan Mitchell)

Lakers-Jazz Swap Picks

LALLakers Get:
2017 First Round Pick #30 (Josh Hart), 2017 Second Round Pick #42 (Thomas Bryant)

UTAJazz Get:
2017 First Round Pick #28 (Tony Bradley)

Hornets-Pelicans Swap Picks

Pelicans Get:
2017 Second Round Pick #31 (Frank Jackson)


Hornets Get:

2017 Second Round Pick #41 (Dwayne Bacon)

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Hawks ship Dwight to Charlotte


Hawks Get:
G Marco Bellineli, Miles Plumlee, 2017 Second Round Pick #41



Hornets Get:
C Dwight Howard, 2017 First Round Pick #31

Quick Thoughts: Dwight going to Charlotte is actually quite intriguing. The Hornets are not that far away from their 45 win season, and adding Dwight could get them back around that mark (in the East, that could be a 5 seed). Dwight/Kemba pick-and-rolls should be interesting to watch. Lots of potential there, with a pretty solid chance of Dwight complaining.

Celtics trade #1 pick to 76ers

Celtics Get:
2017 First Round Pick #3, 2018 First Round Pick via LAL (if pick is between 2-5, goes to Boston. If not, Philadelphia will send its own 2019 first round pick or Sacramento’s first round pick).


76ers Get:

2017 First Round Pick #1

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