2019 RBC FFL: Week 1 Recap


NFL StandingsRecordPoints
5Fuck Antonio Brown0-1141.26
6Special Snowflakes0-1127.72
7The Baker Boys0-1118.80
AFL StandingsRecordPoints
2Los Matadores1-0224.22
32 TE Sets1-0204.52
4Goombs McMerks1-0190.64
5Philly Special1-0163.66
7DJ Rell0-1120.96

Game Recaps

The Baker Boys 118.80
Sc0p3 135.52

In a match-up of brothers, Sc0p3 (Harrison) took on The Baker Boys (Brandon) in our first break-down. Sc0p3 used big days from RB1 Mark Ingram, WR2 Robert Woods and solid performances from Flex Devin Singletary and QB Aaron Rodgers. The Baker Boys had a nice day from WR Allen Robinson (who he promptly traded) and had disappointing performances from QB Baker Mayfield, WR1 Odell Beckham Jr., and both RB positions, which led to the lowest scoring output in Week 1. Sc0p3 starts the year , 1-0 and The Baker Boys start 0-1, so Harrison finally has one up on Brandon.

Next Week
The Baker Boys (0-1) vs Eyewreckdumb (0-1)
Sc0p3 (1-0) vs Special Snowflakes (0-1)

GoombsMcMerks 190.64
SolerKing 157.00

GoombsMcMerks takes on SolerKing in our 2nd breakdown of the Week 1. Goombs used HUGE performances by RB1 Christian McCaffrey, WR2 TY Hilton and FLEX Derrick Henry. QB Russell Wilson had a solid day as well for Goombs. SolerKing had a solid day from RB1 Le’Veon Bell and a great day from TE Mark Andrews. SolerKing had to anxiously wait until Monday for his guy to play. QB Drew Brees had himself a classic Drew Brees night, but it was not enough to overcome the beating that McCaffrey put. SolerKing falls to 0-1, while GoombsMcMerks starts off the year 1-0.

Next Week
GoombsMcMerks (1-0) vs MJaffe (0-1)
SolerKing (1-0) vs DJ Rell (0-1)

DJ Rell 120.96
GonzoFiveO 229.42

In our first blowout of the season, GonzoFiveO took it to Rell in Week 1 and blew him out by over 100 points. Gonzo got monster days from QB Patrick Mahomes and RB1 Austin Ekeler to pile on points. In addition, Gonzo’s defense and kicker got a combined 30+, which helped Gonzo score the most points in Week 1. For DJ Rell, everyone on the roster had a poor effort, aside from his RBs. RB1 Alvin Kamara did his thing on MNF and Chris Carson had a solid performance on Sunday. Cam Newton did not perform well on the field, and his post-game fashion choice was even worse. Gonzo starts off the year 1-0, while Rell falls to 0-1.

Next Week
DJ Rell (0-1) vs SolerKing (0-1)
GonzoFiveO (1-0) vs Fuck Antonio Brown (0-1)

Los Matadores 224.22
MJaffe 159.04

Los Matadores had himself quite the Week 1. Not only did he get a huge day from QB Tom Brady, he also 98 points from the Flex positions. 98 POINTS! Flex Sammy Watkins and DeSean Jackson came up huge in Week 1, allowing Los Matadores to overcome a Jaguars defense that gave him negative two. MJaffe put up some decent numbers, including a nice day from Flex John Brown, but it was an overall disappointing day from QB Ben Roethlisberger, WR1 JuJu Smith-Schuster and the RB crew. Los Matadores moves to 1-0 while MJaffe falls to 0-1.

Next Week
Los Matadores (1-0) vs Philly Special (1-0)
MJaffe (0-1) vs GoombsMcMerks (1-0)

2 TE Sets 204.52
Fuck Antonio Brown 141.26

2 TE Sets used a huge day from the Lord-loving QB Carson Wentz and solid performances by WR1 Michael Thomas, TE TJ Hockenson, K Greg-the-leg, and DA Bears defense to get a solid win in Week 1. Fuck Antonio Brown had very underwhelming performances by RB2 Todd Gurley, Flex Ezekiel Elliot, and QB Jameis Winston. RB1 Damian Williams had a solid performance and the Seattle defense poured in a W1 high of 26 points, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the 40+ point deficit. 2 TE Sets starts off the year 1-0, while FAB falls to 0-1. 

Next Week
2 TE Sets (1-0) vs DParnes (0-1)
Fuck Antonio Brown (0-1) vs GonzoFiveO (1-0)

Philly Special 163.66
Special Snowflakes 127.72

Philly Special used big performances by QB Matt Ryan and RB Marlon Mack … and a vintage game from Flex Larry Fitzgerald to get the edge. WR1 Tyreek Hill is scheduled to miss a few weeks, so that might hurt Philly. Special Snowflakes had to wait until Monday for his QB to play, and it was worth the wait. QB Deshaun Watson had a great game but it wasn’t enough to complete the comeback. RB1 David Johnson made a nice comeback to fantasy relevance as well, but there were just too many disappointments on the roster. Philly Special moves to 1-0, while Special Snowflakes falls to 0-1.

Next Week
Philly Special (1-0) vs Los Matadores (1-0)
Special Snowflakes (0-1) vs Sc0p3 (1-0)

Eyewreckdumb 145.04
DParnes 188.52

In a battle of teams that have quarterbacks that look semi-retarded, Eyewreckdumb took on DParnes in the final matchup of the week. DParnes got great games by WR1 DeAndre Hopkins and RB2 Josh Jacobs on MNF, an impressive game from RB1 Dalvin Cook, and solid performances by TE Austin Hooper and Flex Alshon Jeffrey. Eyewreckdumb had fantastic performances by WR2 Amari Cooper and TE Evan Engram, but had a mediocre performance by QB Jared Goff, an underwhelming performance by first-round pick WR1 DeVante Adams, and literally got nothing from RB2 Darrell Henderson (ouch).

Next Week
Eyewreckumb (0-1) vs The Baker Boys (0-1)
DParnes (1-0) vs 2 TE Sets (1-0)


Team Stats

Most Team Points

  1. GonzoFiveO, 229.42
  2. Los Matadores, 224.22
  3. 2 TE Sets, 204.52

Fewest Team Points

  1. The Baker Boys, 118.80 😢
  2. DJ Rell, 120.96
  3. Special Snowflakes, 127.72

Most Points by Player

Congrats. You’ve played the most productive player at their position. Bravo.


  1. P. Mahomes, 66.32 (Gonzo)
  2. C. Wentz, 65.02 (2 TE Sets)
  3. T. Brady, 59.64 (Los Matadores)

Running Back

  1. A. Ekeler, 43.40 (Gonzo)
  2. C. McCaffrey, 42.90 (Goombs)
  3. M. Mack, 29.40 (Philly Special)
  4. D. Cook, 26.00 (DParnes)

Wide Receiver

  1. D. Hopkins 31.10 (DParnes)
  2. T. Hilton, 28.70 (Goombs)
  3. K. Allen, 26.30 (Gonzo)
  4. A. Cooper, 23.60 (Eyewreckdumb)

Tight End

  1. E. Engram, 28.60 (Eyewreckdumb)
  2. M. Andrews, 24.80 (SolerKing)
  3. A. Hooper, 16.70 (DParnes)


  1. S. Watkins, 54.80 (Los Matadores)
  2. D. Jackson, 43.40 (Los Matadores)
  3. D. Henry, 32.90 (Goombs)
  4. L. Fitzgerald, 27.30 (Philly Special)


  1. S. Gostkowski, 15.00 (Los Matadores)
  2. H. Butker, 15.00 (Eyewreckdumb)
  3. W. Lutz, 14.00 (F*ck Antonio Brown)
  4. G. Zuerlein, 13.00 (2 TE Sets)


  1. Seattle, 26.00 (F*ck Antonio Brown)
  2. Minnesota, 24.00 (Goombs)
  3. Baltimore, 21.00 (Gonzo)

Most Points left on the Bench

These GM’s are either very smart or ….

  1. D. Prescott, QB – 70.40 (Los Matadores)
  2. L. Jackson, QB – 66.56 (Gonzo)
  3. M. Stafford, QB – 60.60 (Phillyspecial)
  4. P. Rivers, QB – 55.92 (Eyewreckdumb)
  5. K. Murray, QB – 55.62 (2 TE Sets)
  6. J. Crowder, WR – 24.30 (SolerKing)

Fewest Points 😢

These GM’s regret putting these players in

  1. D. Henderson, RB – 0.00 (Eyewreckdumb)
  2. C. Davis, WR – 0.00 (Goombs)
  3. G. Allison, WR – 0.00 (Special Snowflakes)
  4. M. Bryant, K – 0.00 (DParnes)
  5. S. Michel, RB – 1.40 (DJ Rell)


Sep 8 : Trade between Baker Boys and MJaffe

Baker Boys Gets:MJaffe Gets:
QB J. Garrapolo
WR Josh Gordon
QB Derek Carr
WR Allen Robinson


-Brandon (Your Friendly Commissioner)