2019 RBC FFL: Week 3 Recap

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Week 3 is officially in the books and we have some exciting things happening in our league. We have three undefeated teams left and we have three teams searching for their first win. There were a lot of close match-ups this week which led to some exciting finishes, and frustrating outcomes … especially after scoring adjustments. Russell Wilson topped Patrick Mahomes as the best single-game performance of 2019, but was he worthy of being the Week 3 MVP? Enjoy the recap everyone!


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Week 3 MVP

šŸŒŸ Mike Evans šŸŒŸ

47.00 Fantasy Points
15 rec, 190 yards, 3 TD


# NFL Record Points
1 DParnes 3-0 555.22
2 Sc0p3 3-0 461.38
3 Special Snowflakes 1-2 431.72
4 Baker Boys 1-2 385.70
5 Fuck Antonio Brown 0-3 468.68
6 Eyewreckdumb 0-3 440.82
7 MJaffe 0-3 418.20
# AFL Record Points
1 Philly Special 3-0 518.32
2 GonzoFiveO 2-1 631.60
3 2 TE Sets 2-1 575.42
4 GoombsMcMerks 2-1 532.18
5 DjRell 2-1 447.60
6 Los Matadores 1-2 508.12
7 SolerKing 1-2 432.82

Game Recaps

GoombsMcMerks 185.44 (163.69)
Philly Special 186.41 (164.98)

Difference: 0.97 points (0.5%)

In our closest game, Philly Special edged out GoombsMcMerks by less than one point! Philly Special got big performances from QB Matt Ryan and WR2 Tyler Lockett and solid days from RBs Shady McCoy and Marlon Mack, and was able to overcome a poor kicking performance. GoombsMcMerks got a season-high 81 points from QB Russell Wilson, a great game from RB1 Christian McCaffrey, and solid days from WR2 TY Hilton and the Minnesota defense, but a late defensive point adjustment cost Goombs three points, resulting in a narrow defeat. Philly Special moves to 3-0, while GoombsMcMerks falls to 2-1.

Next Week
GoombsMcMerks (2-1) vs Sc0p3 (3-0)
Philly Special (3-0) vs MJaffe (0-3)

GonzoFiveO 169.06 (189.97)
DParnes 170.26 (160.57)

Difference: 1.2 points (0.7%)

Our 2nd recap is another close batting, with a margin of 1.2 points! DParnes got big days from RB1 Dalvin Cook, TE Austin Hooper, Flex Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and the New England defense. GonzoFiveO had another monstrous day from QB Patrick Mahomes, good games from Flex Nelson Agholor (who got made fun of on the local Philly news) and the newly-acquired WR Julio Jones, but Gonzo still came up one point shy … no thanks to Chris Carson. DParnes moves to 3-0, while Gonzo falls to 2-1.

Next Week
GonzoFiveO (2-1) vs Baker Boys (1-2)
DParnes (3-0) vs Dj Rell (2-1)

SolerKing 162.10 (156.57)
Mjaffe 140.58 (148.93)

Difference: 21.20 points (16%)

In a battle where both teams were searching for their first win, SolerKing took on MJaffe in Week 3. SolerKing had very nice performances from QB Jacoby Brissett and the WRs Christian Kirk & Marvin Jones, and had solid production from the Tampa Bay defense. MJaffe had a solid day from QB Derek Carr and good production from RB Leonard Fournette, WR Juju Smith-Schuster, and the Rams defense, but unforunately MJaffe had two players that got a combined 0.80 points. SolerKing moves to 1-2, while MJaffe falls to 0-3.

Next Week
SolerKing (1-2) vs Fuck Antonio Brown (0-3)
MJaffe (0-3) vs PhillySpecial (2-1)

Eyewreckdumb 156.26 (164.41)
Special Snowflakes 184.34 (158.12)

Difference: 28.08 points (16.4%)

Old RBC Fantasy football foes Roy and Matt face-off in this Week 3 match-up. Special Snowflakes got their first win of the season thanks to huge games from QB Deshaun Watson and WR2 Cooper Kupp, and solid performances by WR1 Adam Thielen, RB David Johnson, and TE Will Dissly. Eyewreckdumb missed an opportunity by staring QB Jared Goff and not starting Phillip Rivers, but Eyewreckdumb had very nice performances by WR2 Amari Cooper and TE Evan Engram. Special Snowflakes improves to 1-2, while Eyewreckdumb falls to 0-3.

Next Week
Eyewreckdumb (0-3) vs Los Matadores (1-2)
Special Snowflakes (1-2) vs 2 TE Sets (2-1)

Los Matadores 149.54 (179.18)
Sc0p3 185.20 (145.09)

Difference: 35.66 points (21%)

Undefeated Sc0p3 took on Los Matadores in our fifth match-up of Week 3. Sc0p3 kept the streak alive with monster performances from WR Mike Evans & RB1 Mark Ingram, and solid performances from TE Greg Olsen and QB Aaron Rodgers. Sc0p3 managed to survive despite zero points from two players. Los Matadores had a very nice day from the Jaguars defense, but star RB Saquon Barkley injured his ankle and will be out several weeks. Los Matadores had a good day from QB Dak Prescott, but no matter who he starts, the back-up seems to outperform the starter. Sc0p3 improves to 3-0, while Los Matadores falls to 1-2.

Next Week
Los Matadores (1-2) vs Eyewreckdumb (0-3)
Sc0p3 (3-0) vs GoombsMcMerks (3-0)

DjRell 187.68 (153.20)
Fuck Antonio Brown 138.20 (169.13)

Difference: 49.48 points (30%)

In our second to last match-up, newcomer FAB took on Dj Rell. DjRell used a solid performance by newly-acquired QB Lamar Jackson and mega-performances by RB1 Alvin Kamara and WR1 Keenan Allen to get their second straight win. Fuck Antonio Brown had a very nice day from QB Jameis Winston, and got solid production from WR1 Brandin Cooks and Flex Frank Gore, but did not get the production that was anticipated, especially from RB2 Todd Gurley. K Will Lutz, who was an automatic 10 points, only got 2 this week. Dj Rell moves to 2-1, while FAB falls to 0-3.

Next Week
DjRell (2-1) vs DParnes (3-0)
Fuck Antonio Brown (0-3) vs SolerKing (1-2)

Baker Boys 126.00 (161.00)
2 TE Sets 210.76 (166.69)

Difference: 84.76 Points (50.3%)

In our biggest thrashing, 2 TE Sets took it to Baker Boys in the final match-up this week. 2 TE Sets got solid performances all throughout the roster. RB2 Phillip Lindsay had a huge day, while QB Carson Wentz, TE Darren Waller, and Flex Mecole Hardman (I had to make sure I didn’t misspell “Mecole”) all had nice days themselves. The Bears dropped 36 more points on MNF to add to the beating. The Baker Boys had disappointments throughout the roster, mainly from QB Baker Mayfield and WR1 Odell Beckham. Baker Boys had a lot on the Browns offense, which has looked pretty terrible this year, just like the Baker Boys offense. Baker Boys left 30+ points on the bench, which also didn’t help things at all and faces Patrick Mahomes next week. 2 TE Sets improves to 2-1, while Baker Boys falls to 1-2.

Next Week
The Baker Boys (1-2) vs GonzoFiveO (2-1)
2 TE Sets (2-1) vs Special Snowflakes (1-2)

Week 3 Stats

Team Stats

Most Team Points

# Team Points
1 2 TE Sets 208.76
2 Dj Rell 187.68
3 Philly Special 186.41
4 GoombsMcMerks 185.44
5 Special Snowflakes 185.20

Fewest Team Points

# Team Points
1 Baker Boys 126.00
2 Fuck Antonio Brown 138.20
3 MJaffe 140.08

Most Points by Player


# Player Team Points
1 R. Wilson GoomvsMcMerks 81.34
2 P. Mahomes GonzoFiveO 62.86
3 D. Watson Special Snowflakes 57.94
4 J. Winston FAB 56.50
5 M. Ryan Philly Special 56.46

Running Back

# Player Team Points
1 A. Kamara Dj Rell 37.10
2 M. Ingram Sc0p3 35.50
3 C. McCaffrey Goombs 31.80
4 P. Lindsay 2 TE Sets 29.00
5 D. Cook DParnes 24.30

Wide Receiver

# Player Team Points
1 M. Evans Sc0p3 47.00
2 K. Allen Dj Rell 43.60
3 T. Lockett Philly Special 36.95
4 C. Kupp Special Snowflakes 33.20
5 J. Jones GonzoFiveO 26.80
5 A. Cooper Eyewreckdumb 26.80

Tight End

# Player Team Points
1 E. Engram Eyewreckdumb 27.30
2 D. Waller 2 TE Sets 27.10
3 G. Olsen Sc0p3 25.50
4 A. Hooper DParnes 24.60
5 W. Dissly Special Snowflakes 18.20


# Player Team Points
1 M. Valdes-Scantling DParnes 25.90
2 M. Hardman 2 TE Sets 22.40
3 N. Agholor GonzoFiveO 21.00
4 P. Dorsett Los Matadores 18.50
5 F. Gore FAB 16.90


# Player Team Points
1 D. Bailey Philly Special 11.00
2 M. Crosby DjRell  10.00
3 H. Butker Eyewreckdumb 9.00


# Player Team Points
1 Chicago 2 TE Sets 36.00
2 Jacksonville Los Matadores 29.00
3 New England DParnes 21.00
4 Cowboys Special Snowflakes 18.00
4 Texans Sc0p3 18.00
4 Buccaneers SolerKing 18.00

Most Points left on the Bench šŸ’ŗ

For the 3rd straight week, Los Matadores has a players leading the way in this category.

# Player Team Points
1 T. Brady, QB Los Matadores 53.14
2 P. Rivers, QB Eyewreckdumb 52.62
3 K. Murray, QB 2 TE Sets 49.82
4 J. Allen, QB FAB 41.32
5 M. Stafford, QB Philly Special 32.14
6 J. Garappolo, QB Baker Boys 29.48

Fewest Points šŸ˜¢

# Player Team Points
1 J. White, RB Sc0p3 0.00
1 J. Graham, TE MJaffe 0.00
3 D. Singletary, RB Sc0p3 0.00
4 D. Thompson, RB MJaffe 0.80
5 K. Fairbairn, K GoombsMcMerks 1.00

Full 2019 Season Stats


GonzoFiveO Gets:Dj Rell Gets:
WR – Julio Jones
RB – Chris Carson
QB – Lamar Jackson
WR – Keenan Allen


-Brandon (Your Friendly Commissioner)