I’d Take NBA Duos Over NBA Superteams Any day


The NBA is more competitive now than it has been in a long time. I’ll take a league full of duos instead of superteams any day, but people don’t understand why.

The last four to five year have been daunting to look at and some could argue that it’s because my team isn’t winning, I don’t know basketball, or I’m simply a hater.. I’ve read every comment and heard everyone’s arguments and I’m ready to respond.

The evolution of the superteam didn’t begin until 2008, when the Boston Celtics sprouted out of nowhere adding Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. It wasn’t nearly as bad as it was now, but it developed since then. Some say it’s been happening for years; that superteams have been relevant since the 60-70’s.

Back in those days players weren’t running to the media demanding to be traded to team up with superstars. They stuck it…

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