Final 2018 NFL Power Rankings

The NFL postseason here and twelve teams have earned the right to play on. That means there are 20 other teams that are at home, just like the rest of us. Allow me to speak for everyone by stating the obvious … shit that was fast 😞. The regular season is over, so that means our NFL power rankings must come to an end, for now. Enjoy the final rankings of the 2018 NFL season!

Our NFL crew (consists of Brandon Rosenthal, Erick Garcia, & Social Mike) ranks all 32 NFL teams from top to bottom. Teams are placed in tiers, taking stock in which teams are playing the best (and worst) football.


Want to skip ahead? Select a tier below.

Tier 1 (1-5) | Tier 2 (6-9) | Tier 3 (10-12) | Tier 4 (13) | Tier 5 (14-20) | Tier 6 (21-27) | Tier 7 (28-32)

Tier 1

“If you want to win a Super Bowl, you gotta get by us!”


1. New Orleans Saints 

Previous Rank: 4 ↑
Record: 13-3 (Streak: L1) | 1st in NFCS
Week 17 Result: L, 14-33 vs CAR
Next Game: NFL Divisional Round, Sun, 1/13 vs DAL/SEA or PHI
Week 1 Rank: 6

The Saints finish the season with the NFL’s best record, a first-round bye, and home-field throughout the postseason (until the Super Bowl). This team is stacked and is primed for a deep run. Their oldest player, Drew Brees, just had the best QB rating of his career at 115.7. The Saints score 31.5 points per game and have a week off. My gut tells me the Saints get to the NFC title game, where it’s anyone’s guess at this point. — Brandon

2. Kansas City Chiefs 

Previous Rank: 3 ↑
Record: 12-4 (Streak: W1) | 1st in AFCW
Week 17 Result: W, 35-3 vs OAK
Next Game: NFL Divisional Round, Sat, 1/12 vs BAL/LAC or IND
Week 1 Rank: 17

Finishing the season at 12-4 KC ended as the #1 seed in the AFC. Mahomeboi and the Chiefs have a week off and await as the road through the AFC goes through KC. — Social Mike

3. Los Angeles Chargers

Previous Rank: 1 ↓
Record: 12-4 (Streak: W1) | 2nd in AFCW
Week 17 Result: W, 23-9 @ DEN
Next Game: NFL Wild Card Round, Sun, 1/6 @ BAL
Week 1 Rank: 13

The Chargers weren’t able to win the division, but they still made it to the big dance. They get a tough out in the wildcard round against Baltimore, but if Melvin Gordon can come back relatively healthy this might be the most complete team in the playoffs. — Erick

4. Chicago Bears 

Previous Rank: 4  ↔
Record: 12-4 (Streak: W4) | 1st in NFCN
Week 17 Result: W, 24-10 @ MIN
Next Game: NFL Wild Card Round, Sun, 1/6 vs PHI
Week 1 Rank: 29

The Bears complete their Cinderella season and find themselves with the #3 seed. Sure, a first-round bye would have been nice, but winning the NFC North and getting a home playoff game in Chicago is a great consolation prize. The Bears franchise is known for its defense, and make no mistake, their defense is fantastic, holding their opponents to only 17.6 ppg (1st) … led by superstar Khalil Mack. The Eagles come to town for their first playoff game, and I expect the Bears to get it done. — Brandon

5. Los Angeles Rams

Previous Rank: 5 ↔
Record: 12-4 (Streak: W2) | 1st in NFCW
Week 17 Result: W, 48-32 vs SF
Next Game: NFL Divisional Round, Sat, 1/12 vs CHI or DAL/SEA
Week 1 Rank: 5

The # 2 seed in the NFC, the Rams closed out the year with a 12-4 record. They’ll use the week off to get healthy and that starts with Todd Gurley. Getting to host a postseason game should help as well. — Social Mike

Tier 2

“We made it … and you better watch out”


6. Baltimore Ravens 

Previous Rank: 11 ↑
Record: 10-6 (Streak: W4) | 1st in AFC North
Week 17 Result: W, 26-24 vs CLE
Next Game: NFL Wild Card Round, Sun, 1/6 vs LAC
Week 1 Rank: 24

Coming from a 49ers fan who still hasn’t gotten over the 49ers Super Bowl loss to the Ravens. I like this defense and like Lamar Jackson. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Ravens VS the Chargers. Both of those teams are going to be a problem. — Erick

7. New England Patriots 

Previous Rank: 7 ↔
Record: 11-5 (Streak: W2) | 1st in AFC East
Week 17 Result: W, 38-3 vs NYJ
Next Game: NFL Divisional Round, Sun, 1/13 vs HOU or BAL/LAC
Week 1 Rank: 1

The Pats finish the season with 11 wins, their lowest number of wins since 2009. Still, the Pats find themselves with a first-round bye, which their 40-year old QB Tom Brady appreciates. This team is not what it once was, but they are still they still have Brady and Belichick … and sometimes Gronkowski. While I don’t see this team back in the Super Bowl, I don’t see them being a one-and-done team either. — Brandon

8. Houston Texans 

Previous Rank: 8 ↔
Record: 11-5 (Streak: W1) | 1st in AFC South
Week 17 Result: W, 20-3 vs JAX
Next Game: NFL Wild Card Round, Sat, 1/5 vs IND
Week 1 Rank: 15

TheTexans winners of the AFC South 11-5 got rewarded the #4 seed in the AFC and will play host to Captain Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. In what should be a duel of QB’s, the defensive side of the ball can be the ones to steal the show. — Social Mike

9. Indianapolis Colts 

Previous Rank: 9 ↔
Record: 10-6 (Streak: W4) | 2nd in AFC South
Week 17 Result: W, 33-17 @ TEN
Next Game: NFL Wild Card Round, Sat, 1/5 @ IND
Week 1 Rank: 28

Frank Reich has done a hell of a job coaching this team, and it’s great to see Andrew Luck back playing great and healthy. Even though I am really impressed by this team, they can’t win it all, and at best they can hope to upset their division rival Houston Texas wildcard weekend, but that’s it. — Erick

Tier 3

“We made it … and it might be short-lived.”

10. Dallas Cowboys 

Previous Rank: 10 ↔
Record: 10-6 (Streak: W2) | 1st in NFC East
Week 17 Result: W, 36-35 @ NYG
Next Game: NFL Wild Card Round, Sat, 1/5 vs SEA
Week 1 Rank: 12

The Cowboys won 10 games and the NFC East, but that might have been the worst thing to happen. Now the Cowboys will most likely retain The Clapper aka Jason Garrett and Dak Prescott, which is good if you want to never win a Super Bowl. The Boys still have Zeke Elliott, who is a stud and could single-handedly win a playoff game. The Cowboys play the Seahawks in Dallas on Saturday, which might bring back memories of another Cowboys playoff game against the Seahawks in Dallas … on a Saturday … night. — Brandon

11. Seattle Seahawks 

Previous Rank: 12 ↑
Record: 10-6 (Streak: W2) | 2nd in NFC West
Week 17 Result: W, 27-24 vs ARI
Next Game: NFL Wild Card Round, Sat, 1/5 @ DAL
Week 1 Rank: 22

DangeRUSS and the Seahawks end their year with a 10-6 record and the 5th seed in the NFC. They’ll make a trip to Jerry’s world this Sat in what could and should come down to the play of the QB. (Advantage always SEA) — Social Mike

12. Philadelphia Eagles 

Previous Rank: 13 ↑
Record: 9-7 (Streak: W3) | 2nd in NFC East
Week 17 Result: W, 24-0 @ WAS
Next Game: NFL Wild Card Round, Sun, 1/6 @ CHI
Week 1 Rank: 2

The Eagles got into the playoffs even though it didn’t look like they would. The Nick Foles era is back, and he’s back just in time to take the L against a hot Chicago Bears team. — Erick

Tier 4

“If we had only fired Hue Jackson sooner…”


13. Cleveland Browns 

Previous Rank: 16 ↑
Record: 7-8-1 (Streak: L1) | 3rd in AFC North
Week 17 Result: L, 24-26 @ BAL
2019 First Round Pick: 17th
Week 1 Rank: 32

The Browns are the sole team in this tier and for good reason. If they only fired Hue Jackson sooner, they could have been in the postseason. Hell, they almost made it despite him! The Browns finish the season 5-3-1 after firing Hue, with Baker Mayfield throwing for 21 TDs and 2400 yards, with a passer rating of 103.2. This team has potential, and regardless of their current record, they are the best team that did not make the postseason. — Brandon

Tier 5

“Our fans are VERY disappointed with us.”


14. Pittsburgh Steelers 

Previous Rank: 6 ↓
Record: 9-6-1 (Streak: W1) | 2nd in AFC North
Week 17 Result: W, 16-13 vs CIN
2019 First Round Pick: 20th
Week 1 Rank: 4

In a season that started off with “Le’Veon who??” ended up a lot worse than they ever imagined at 9-6-1, losing the lead in the AFC North and missing out on the playoffs. Now the Steelers have all kinda problems to figure out (AB), the question now is will Tomlin survive the hurricane?? … Or does he walk out on his own? — Social Mike

15. Tennessee Titans 

Previous Rank: 14 ↓
Record: 9-7 (Streak: L1) | 2nd in AFC South
Week 17 Result: L, 17-33 vs IND
2019 First Round Pick: 19th
Week 1 Rank: 21

The Titans weren’t able to beat the Colts to get in, and I didn’t think they would. The Titans did better than I expected they would after the way they started the season, but I still think this team has underachieved, and I still wouldn’t go all in on Marcus Mariota.

16. Minnesota Vikings 

Previous Rank: 15 ↓
Record: 8-7-1 (Streak: L1) | 2nd in NFC North
Week 17 Result: L, 10-24 vs CHI
2019 First Round Pick: 18th
Week 1 Rank: 3

Well, I guess not every team I get to write about can be good. The Vikings were able to finish the season above .500, but I guarantee every Vikings fan feels like they went 0-16. The Vikings spent a ton SHITLOAD of cash on Kirk Cousins, and he was minuscule in their biggest game of the season. The Vikings enter the offseason with a ton of questions, a new division rival to try and beat (the Bears), and a QB who can’t win the big game (or a semi-big game). At least Aaron Rodgers is getting older. — Brandon

17. Atlanta Falcons 

Previous Rank: 22 ↑
Record: 7-9 (Streak: W3) | 2nd in NFC South
Week 17 Result: W, 34-32 @ TB
2019 First Round Pick: 14th
Week 1 Rank: 7

7-9 was a disappointing year for the Falcons in which they had higher hopes for. First order of business was done with the cleaning house of coordinators, any OC coming in will figure out what the previous OC failed to figure out get JULIOOOOO touchdowns, wouldn’t hurt to bring in a solid DC either. — Social Mike

18. Carolina Panthers

Previous Rank: 17 ↓
Record: 7-9 (Streak: W1) | 3rd in AFC South
Week 17 Result: W, 33-14 @ NOR
2019 First Round Pick: 16th
Week 1 Rank: 10

The Panthers ended the season horribly, and Cam was injured for most of the year. This team needs to do the right thing, and protect their investment, and make sure Cam gets any surgeries necessary and he doesn’t come back until he is fully healthy. ​– Erick

Week 1 Rank: 10

The Panthers ended the season horribly, and Cam was injured for most of the year. This team needs to do the right thing, and protect their investment, and make sure Cam gets any surgeries necessary and he doesn’t come back until he is fully healthy.

19. Miami Dolphins 

Previous Rank: 19
Record: 7-9 (Streak: L3) | 2nd in AFC East
Week 17 Result: L, 17-42 @ BUF
2019 First Round Pick: 13th
Week 1 Rank: 27

The Dolphins lose their final three games of the season, finish two games below .500, and have fired their head coach Adam Gase. So, as you can see … things are great! The Dolphins miss the postseason for the second straight year and look to retool. The Fins were outscored by 114 points and need to find a way to get their offense going. This is year six of the Ryan Tannehill experience, and in 88 games started, he has a 42-46 record. Look for the Dolphins to try and draft or sign a QB. — Brandon

20. Washington Football Team 

Previous Rank: 18
Record: 7-9 (Streak: L2) | 3rd in NFC East
Week 17 Result: L, 0-24 vs PHI
2019 First Round Pick: 15th
Week 1 Rank: 18

The Washington football club to nobody’s surprise missed out on the playoffs yet again, also making it 27 consecutive seasons without being able to win 11 games in a season. That’s a record no other teams want to be a part of, as they hold this title all by themselves … proudly. — Social Mike

Tier 6

“Thank goodness this season is over. When is the draft?”


21. Buffalo Bills 

Previous Rank: 27
Record: 6-10 (Streak: W1) | 3rd in AFC East
Week 17 Result: L, 24-26 @ BAL
Week 1 Rank: 26

Never mind their record. Buffalo seems to have found a starting NFL QB, and for that, and that alone, this season was a success. — Erick

22. Detroit Lions 

Previous Rank: 27
Record: 6-10 (Streak: W1) | 4th in NFC North
Week 17 Result: W, 31-0 vs DET
2019 1st Round Pick: 8th
Week 1 Rank: 20

The Lions finish the season by blowing out the Packers but still fall short of their preseason goals. Year one of the Matt Patricia era did not start or end well, and now there are reports of him being late to his own meetings. Oh boy. The Lions still owe Stafford a shit load, so looks like he will be back. Just like the Vikings, I’m sure the Lions are happy Rodgers is getting older … because that’s the only positive thing I can say heading into 2019. — Brandon

23. Green Bay Packers 

Previous Rank: 21
Record: 6-9-1 (Streak: L1) | 3rd in NFC North
Week 17 Result: L, 0-31 vs DET
2019 First Round Pick: 12th
Week 1 Rank: 8

The Packers closed out 2018 with an underachieving 6-9-1 campaign, they also ended the year getting blown out by the last place Lions 31-0. With a new coach coming in GB should get rid of all the tapes on this 2018 season and start next season completely fresh. — Social Mike

24. Denver Broncos 

Previous Rank: 20
Record: 6-10 (Streak: L4) | 3rd in AFC West
Week 17 Result: L, 9-23 vs LAC
2019 1st Round Pick: 10th
Week 1 Rank: 14

Denver wasn’t good, and that’s no secret. It seems like the window of opportunity with this defense is closing, and they still haven’t found a starting QB. Elway hasn’t seemed to figure things out, and the future doesn’t look great for Broncos fans. — Erick

25. Cincinnati Bengals 

Previous Rank: 23
Record: 6-10 (Streak: L2) | 4th in AFC North
Week 17 Result: L, 13-16 @ PIT
2019 1st Round Pick: 11th
Week 1 Rank: 30

The Bengals had a weird 2018 season. They started out on fire and looked like they could compete all season long. Then they came back down to earth, got destroyed by injuries, and hired Hue Jackson. The Bengals just announced they fired Marvin Lewis finally, so it looks like Hue will be the head coach next year. I literally have no idea what to expect from the Bengals, but at least Joe Mixon had a decent year. — Brandon

26. New York Giants 

Previous Rank: 25
Record: 5-11 (Streak: L3) | 4th in NFC East
Week 17 Result: L, 35-36 vs DAL
2019 1st Round Pick: 6th
Week 1 Rank: 19

The Gmen ended in up in last place of the NFC least at 5-10 on the year. Saquan Barkley was as good as advertised maybe even a bit more, it’s too bad the rest of the team didn’t match his perforce which earned him a trip to the Pro Bowl and the Gmen another top-10 pick. — Social Mike

27. San Francisco 49ers

Previous Rank: 28
Record: 4-12 (Streak: L2) | 3rd in NFC West
Week 17 Result: L, 32-48 @ LAR
2019 1st Round Pick: 2nd
Week 1 Rank: 11

The 49ers never recovered after Jimmy G went down, but the team showed no quit all season long. It was good to see them look like a pro team sometimes, but this team is going to need a lot more than Jimmy G coming back to be taken seriously. — Erick

Tier 7

Dumpster Fires.


28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Previous Rank: 24
Record: 5-11 (Streak: L4) | 4th in NFC South
Week 17 Result: L, 32-34 vs ATL
2019 1st Round Pick: 5th
Week 1 Rank: 31

The Bucs made the move we all saw coming, firing their head coach after the season ended. The Bucs are a mess and have no idea what to do at QB. Sure, they may say Jameis is the guy, but everyone who watches football will say otherwise. Whoever the next head coach is will have the 5th pick in the draft, and the number #1 passing offense, I’m not kidding. The Bucs lead the league in passing yards with 5,125 and were 3rd in the league with 36 passing TD’s, so there is clearly talent there. — Brandon

29. New York Jets 

Previous Rank: 29
Record: 4-12 (Streak: L3) | 4th in AFC East
Week 17 Result: L, 3-38 @ NE
2019 1st Round Pick: 3rd
Week 1 Rank: 25

Gang green held down the bottom of the AFC East literally at 4-12 earning them another top 5 pick. Todd Bowles was given his walking papers so the search is on for a new sheriff in town, Sam Darnold will need all the help he can get. — Social Mike

30. Jacksonville Jaguars 

Previous Rank: 30
Record: 5-11 (Streak: L1) | 4th in AFC South
Week 17 Result: L, 3-20 @ HOU
2019 1st Round Pick: 7th
Week 1 Rank: 9

This team sucked all year long and had to be the most disappointing team this season. The only winner was Bortles because this year, he wasn’t the only one that sucked. — Erick

31. Oakland Raiders 

Previous Rank: 31
Record: 4-12 (Streak: L1) | 4th in AFC West
Week 17 Result: L, 3-35 @ KC
2019 1st Round Pick: 4th
Week 1 Rank: 16

The Raiders finish the season with twelve losses, losing to KC in the final game. I guess Derek Carr wasn’t able to play spoiler in the way he wanted, but don’t worry Derek … the Raiders spoiled plenty of people’s year. The Raiders have a top-5 pick in the draft and will look to get a pass-rusher and wide-our … I know. I know. — Brandon

32. Arizona Cardinals  

Previous Rank: 32
Record: 3-13 (Streak: L4) | 4th in NFC West
Week 17 Result: L, 24-27 @ SEA
2019 1st Round Pick: 1st
Week 1 Rank: 23

Last place in the NFC West, last place in our rankings the Cards just couldn’t get quite climb out of the cellar with a 3-13 outing. They get the top pick in the draft this summer unless they are offered a king’s ransom for the #1 pick. The Cards biggest question (besides a HC) is do they take Baby Bosa or Josh Allen?? — Social Mike

Thank you for reading our power rankings for the 2018 season!

Brandon, erick, and social mike

Playoff Matchups


First Round Bye
1. Chiefs 11-3
2. Texans 10-4

Wild Card Round
6. Colts, 10-6
3. Texans, 11-5

5. Chargers, 12-4
4. Ravens, 10-6

1. [^] Chiefs, 12-4
2. [^] Patriots, 11-5
3. [+] Texans, 11-5
4. [+] Ravens, 10-6
5. [*] Chargers, 12-4
6. [*] Colts, 10-6

7. Steelers, 9-6-1
8. Titans, 9-7
9. Browns, 7-8-1
10. Dolphins, 7-9
11. Broncos, 6-10
12. Bengals, 6-10
13. Bills, 6-10
14. Jaguars, 5-11
15. Jets, 4-12
16. Raiders 4-12


First Round Bye
1. Saints 12-2 
2. Rams 11-3

Wild Card Round
6. Eagles, 9-7
3. Bears, 12-4

5. Seahawks, 10-6
4. Cowboys, 10-6

1. [^] Saints, 13-3
2. [^] Rams, 12-4
3. [+] Bears, 12-4
4. [+] Cowboys, 10-6
5. [*] Seahawks, 10-6
6. [*] Eagles, 9-7

7. Vikings, 8-7-1
8. Falcons, 7-9
9. Washington, 7-9
10. Panthers, 7-9
11. Packers, 6-9-1
12. Lions, 6-10
13. Giants, 5-11
14. Buccaneers, 5-11
15. 49ers, 4-12
16. Cardinals, 3-13

* Clinched Wild Card
+ Clinched Division Title
^ Clinched First Round Bye

-Thanks for Reading-

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