Lakers Beat Warriors, NFL Week 17 Preview, Farewell to Puig and Bryce Harper Rumors

Brandon, Erick, and Social Mike sit down in the car to discuss the Lakers win on Christmas, LeBron’s injury, the NFL Playoff Picture heading into Week 17, the latest on Bryce Harper, and the guys bid Yasiel Puig farewell.

By Brandon Rosenthal, Erick Garcia, & Social Mike | Recorded on 12/26/18

Episode 168 | The 30 Minute Lunchbreak Podcast

On episode 168, the fellas sit down in Brandon’s car to discuss the latest in the sports world, post-Christmas. The guys discuss the Lakers big win over the Warriors (3:44), and talk about LeBron’s injured groin and how long he should be out (24:13). Then, the guys dive into the AFC and NFC playoff picture, and predict what happens in Week 17 (25:44) . Lastly, the guys discuss the rumors about Bryce Harper (45:33) and bid farewell to one of their favorite Dodgers, Yasiel Puig (48:00).

Recorded on Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

Episode Music: AJR – Burn the House Down

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