NFL Power Rankings: Week 16

The NFL season is two weeks away from the playoffs for some, and two weeks away from a vacation for others. In a crazy week, we have a new number one team for the second consecutive week, while some other teams at the top continue to fall. Some shakeups in the middle tiers though as teams fight for postseason positions.  As usual, all teams are broken up into tiers. Enjoy!

Our NFL crew (consists of Brandon Rosenthal, Erick Garcia, & Social Mike) ranks all 32 NFL teams from top to bottom. Teams are placed in tiers, taking stock in which teams are playing the best (and worst) football.


Want to skip ahead? Select a tier below.

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Tier 1

1. Los Angeles Chargers

Credit: Mike Nowak/LA Chargers

Last Week: 2 ⬆️
Record: 11-3
5th in AFC, 2nd in AFC West
Week 15: W, 29-28 @ Chiefs
Next Game: Week 16 vs BAL

This is the hottest team in football. They are getting things rolling at the right time. They can play offense, and defense and will be a tough out for any team in the Playoffs right now. — Erick Garcia

2. New Orleans Saints 

Credit: Perry Knotts/NFL

Last Week: 4 ⬆️
Record: 12-2
1st in NFC, 1st in NFC South
Week 15: W, 12-9 @ CAR
Next Game: Week 16 vs PIT

The Saints hold the NFL’s best record at 12-2, but they aren’t playing their best football. However, the Saints have a first-round bye all but wrapped up, despite a tough game against the Steelers coming up. — Brandon Rosenthal

3. Kansas City Chiefs 

Credit: Ric Tapia/NFL

Last Week: 1 ⬇️
Record: 11-3
1st in AFC, 1st in AFC West
Week 15: L, 28-29 vs LAC
Next Game: Week 16 @ SEA

Coming off a heartbreaking loss to the hottest team in football (LA Chargers), KC is still the #1 seed in the AFC and can clinch home field through out. That’s easier said than done with a trip to Seattle up next. — Social Mike

4. Chicago Bears 

Credit: David Banks/Associated Press

Last Week: 5 ⬆️
Record: 10-4
3rd in NFC, 1st in NFC North
Week 15: W, 24-17 vs GB
Next Game: Week 16 @ SF

The Bears defense is no Joke , if Mitch Trubisky can be a “ game manager” the Bears can make it to the NFC championship game. — Erick

5. Los Angeles Rams

Credit: Ryan Kang/NFL

Last Week: 4 ⬇️
Record: 11-3
2nd in NFC, 1st in NFC West
Week 15: L, 23-30 vs PHI
Next Game: Week 16 @ ARI

Oh boy. I don’t want to overreact to a team that only has three losses, but this is now two-straight losses. Not the way you want to head into the postseason. They should still get a first round bye, but then it might be bye bye (bye). — Brandon

Tier 2

6. Pittsburgh Steelers 

Credit: Ric Tapia/NFL

Last Week: 10 ⬆️
Record: 8-5-1
4th in AFC, 1st in AFC North
Week 15: W, 17-10 vs NE
Next Game: Week 16 

Big time victory over the Patriots as the Steelers knocked them out of the #2 spot in the AFC. The Steelers have another huge game this Sun as they march into New Orleans looking for a victory against the #1 seed in the NFC. — Social Mike

7. New England Patriots 

Credit: AP Photo/Keith Srakocic

Last Week: 6 ⬇️
Record: 9-5
3rd in AFC, 1st in AFC East
Week 15: L, 10-17 @ PIT
Next Game: Week 16 vs BUF

We were all certain that the Pats would beat the Steelers, after losing to the Dolphins on a last second play the week before. But they didn’t, and they are looking as mortal as they ever have. Let’s see if they can turn it around. — Erick

8. Houston Texans 

Credit: AP Photo/Adam Hunger

Last Week: 8 
Record: 10-4
2nd in AFC, 1st in AFC South
Week 15: W, 29-22 @ NYJ
Next Game: Week 16 @ PHI

The Texans stay put at 8 after beating the Jets on Saturday, but it seemed the Jets dominated the game. The Texans are flawed, but they have 10 wins, and have positioned themselves for a first-round bye.— Brandon

9. Indianapolis Colts 

Credit: Michael Conroy/Associated Press

Last Week: 11 ⬆️
Record: 8-6
7th in AFC, 2nd in AFC South
Week 15: W, 23-0 vs DAL
Next Game: Week 16 vs NYG

The Colts keep their playoff hopes alive with a shutout win over the Dallas Cowboys. Indy hosts the Gmen in Week 16, they are huge favorites to get their 9th win of the season. — Social Mike

10. Dallas Cowboys 

Credit: AP Photo/AJ Mast

Last Week: 7 ⬇️
Record: 8-6
4th in NFC, 1st in NFC East
Week 15: L, 0-23 @ IND
Next Game: Week 16 vs TB

The Cowboys had won 5 games in a row, up until they were completely shutout by the Colts. The Cowboys defense has been solid, but they’re gonna have to get more creative offensively if they want to make a serious playoff push. — Erick

11. Baltimore Ravens 

Credit: Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press

Last Week: 12 ⬆️
Record: 8-6
6th in AFC, 2nd in AFC North
Week 15: W, 20-12 vs TB
Next Game: Week 16 @ LAC

The Ravens made the decision to essentially move on from Joe Flacco, and more teams should learn from the Ravens. While Lamar Jackson might run too much, he makes plays, and gets wins. Tough game up next to determine a postseason berth for Baltimore. — Brandon

12. Seattle Seahawks 

Credit: Kyle Terada/USA TODAY Sports

Last Week: 9 ⬇️
Record: 8-6
5th in NFC, 2nd in NFC West
Week 15: L, 23-26 @ SF
Next Game: Week 16 vs KC

Coming off a loss to the mighty 49ers, Seattle playoff hopes are all of a sudden could be in danger. In town is Patrick Mahomeboi and the KC Chiefs who are looking to bounce back after a loss as well, Big Time Matchup this weekend. — Social Mike

Tier 3

13. Philadelphia Eagles 

Credit:  Ryan Kang/NFL

Last Week: 16 ⬆️
Record: 7-7
7th in NFC, 2nd in NFC East
Week 15: W, 30-23 @ LAR
Next Game: Week 16 vs HOU

Still in the hunt and Nick Foles is back , now the Eagles are right where they want to be. I’m joking, but not really.  Let’s see if they can try and catch lighting in a bottle again. — Erick

14. Tennessee Titans 

Credit: AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Last Week: 14 
Record: 8-6
8th in AFC, 3rd in AFC South
Week 15: W, 17-0 @ NYG
Next Game: Week 16 vs WAS

The Tennessee Titans finally figured out their game plan. Give it to Derrick Henry. Too bad it’s Week 16. Tennessee has a showdown in Week 17 against Indy, but needs to get the job done against the Deadskins this weekend. — Brandon

15. Minnesota Vikings 

Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn/Associated Press

Last Week: 15 
Record: 7-6-1
6th in NFC, 2nd in NFC North
Week 15: W, 41-17 vs MIA
Next Game: Week 16 @ DET

The Vikings did their job and dismantled the Dolphins 41-17 to stay in the 6th spot. With a visit to Detroit this weekend, the Vikings should remain in the playoff spot as they should get come away with a victory on the road. — Social Mike

16. Cleveland Browns 

Credit: AP Photo/Jack Dempsey

Last Week: 18 ⬆️
Record: 6-7-1
10th in AFC, 4th in AFC North
Week 15: W, 17-16 @ DEN
Next Game: Week 16 vs CIN

After the Adios to Hue this team keeps rolling.  Excited to see how the Browns look next year. — Erick

17. Carolina Panthers

AP Photo/Jason E. Miczek

Last Week: 19⬇️
Record: 6-8
9th in NFC, 2nd in NFC South
Week 15: L, 9-12 vs NOR
Next Game: Week 16 vs ATL

It’s hard to believe the Panthers were 6-2 at one point. I even called them “one of the best teams in the NFC”. While McCaffrey is an absolute beast, this offense needs help. Another lost season for Cam and Riverboat Ron. — Brandon

18. Washington Football Team 

Credit: Stephen B. Morton/Associated Press

Last Week: 24 ⬆️
Record: 7-7
8th in NFC, 3rd in NFC East
Week 15: W, 16-13 @ JAX
Next Game: Week 16 @ TEN

The Washington football club keep themselves mathematically in it with victory in week 15, but those hopes could be short lived. The Titans, looking to keep their own playoffs hopes alive, come in as favorites to put the dagger into Washington’s season. — Social Mike

19. Miami Dolphins 

Credit: AP Photo/Andy Clayton-King

Last Week: 13 ⬇️
Record: 7-7
9th in AFC, 2nd in AFC East
Week 15: L, 17-41 @ MIN
Next Game: Week 16 vs JAX

Beating the Pats the week prior to losing to the Vikings might have been the Dolphins Super Bowl. So I guess props on winning your Super Bowl.  — Erick

Tier 4

20. Denver Broncos 

Credit: AP Photo/Jack Dempsey

Last Week: 17 ⬇️
Record: 6-8
11th in AFC, 3rd in AFC West
Week 15: L, 16-17 vs CLE
Next Game: Week 16 @ OAK

The Broncos officially put their fans out of their misery by losing to the Browns. They still have a shot to go 8-8, but that’s pushing it. This team is still a QB away, but at least they didn’t pay Kirk Cousins. — Brandon

21. Green Bay Packers 

Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press

Last Week: 20 ⬇️
Record: 5-8-1
10th in NFC, 3rd in NFC North
Week 15: L, 17-24 @ CHI
Next Game: Week 16 @ NYJ

The Packers keep piling L’s this season with a loss to the Bears, in what is already a lost season. Now they’re shooting for .500 and a new head coach. — Social Mike

22. Atlanta Falcons 

Credit: Danny Karnik/Associated Press

Last Week: 27 ⬆️
Record: 5-9
11th in NFC, 3rd in NFC South
Week 15: W, 40-14 vs ARI
Next Game: Week 16 @ CAR

Probably the most disappointing team this year.  There better be some big changes in Atlanta or they’re gonna be in the same spot next year.— Erick

23. Cincinnati Bengals 

Credit: Frank Victores/Associated Press

Last Week: 25 ⬆️
Record: 6-8
11th in AFC, 3rd in AFC North
Week 15: W, 30-16 vs OAK
Next Game: Week 16 @ CLE

The Bengals get a win, but also get eliminated from playoff contention the same day. It’s been that kind of year for the Bengals, who are playing for pride at this point. Seems like they will run it back in 2019. This collective eye-roll is from all of us.🙄 Brandon

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Credit: Gail Burton/Associated Press

Last Week: 22 ⬇️
Record: 5-9
12th in NFC, 4th in NFC South
Week 15: L, 12-20 @ BAL
Next Game: Week 16 @ DAL

With a loss to the Ravens, the Buccaneers should already be in MMQB mode. Although the Jameis show will continue in TB, the same can’t/shouldn’t be said for HC Dirk Koetter. — Social Mike

25. New York Giants 

Credit: Bill Kostroun/Associated Press

Last Week: 21 ⬇️
Record: 5-9
13th in NFC, 4th in NFC East
Week 15: L, 0-17 vs TEN
Next Game: Week 16 @ Colts

Some people think Eli has done enough to deserve a chance to start again next year for the Giants. I think he did more than enough for the franchise by winning 2 rings. However I do think it’s time for both parties to go there separate ways. — Erick

26. Buffalo Bills 

Credit: AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes

Last Week: 29 ⬆️
Record: 5-9
13th in AFC, 3rd in AFC East
Week 15: W, 14-13 vs DET
Next Game: Week 16 @ NE

The Bills won their 5th game of the season, edging out the Bortles-less Jags. Unfortunately for the Bills, that win now puts them out of a top 5 pick. — Social Mike

Tier 5: Dumpster Fires

27. Detroit Lions 

Credit: Adrian Kraus/Associated Press

Last Week: 23 ⬇️
Record: 5-9
14th in NFC, 4th in NFC North
Week 15: L, 13-14 @ BUF
Next Game: Week 16 vs MIN

The Lions are now four games under .500, not the start newbie coach Matt Patricia wanted. The Lions have some decisions to make about Stafford. A poor start in 2019 might lead to a total rebuild. — Brandon

28. San Francisco 49ers  


Last Week: 31 ⬆️
Record: 3-10
15th in NFC, 4th in NFC West
Week 14: W, 26-23 vs SEA 
Next Game: Week 16 vs CHI

Jimmy who? Nick Mullen’s has been pretty good at times, and it looks like the 9ers might have found a solid back up QB. Good to see that the team has won a couple games as of late, and have not quit on Kyle Shanahan. — Erick

29. New York Jets 

Credit: AP Photo/Adam Hunger

Last Week: 28 ⬇️
Record: 4-10
15th in AFC, 4th in AFC East
Week 14: W, 27-23 @ BUF
Next Game:

The Jets might have lost, but the world got to see the prize that Sam Darnold could be. He has all the talent to get it done, the Jets just need to catch up. The Jets could be the future of the AFC East, but they are 100% not the present. — Brandon

30. Jacksonville Jaguars 

Credit: Logan Bowles / NFL

Record: 4-10
14th in AFC, 4th in AFC South
Week 14: L, 9-30 vs TEN
Last Week: 25 ⬇️
Next Game:

The Bortels-less Jags still getting Bortles results, getting an L to Washington. Currently with a top 5 pick, look for the Kessler-led Jags to keep hoarding those L’s. — Social Mike

31. Oakland Raiders 

Credit: AP Photo/Gary Landers

Last Week: 31
Record: 3-11
16th in AFC, 4th in AFC West
Week 15: L, 16-30 @ CIN
Next Game: Week 16 vs DEN 

This has been a bad first year for head coach Jon Gruden, but maybe it’s going according to plan. Gruden is cleaning house, and is going to have a lot of draft picks next year to try and turn things around. Let’s see how he does. — Erick

32. Arizona Cardinals  

Credit: Danny Karnik/Associated Press

Last Week: 32
Record: 3-11
16th in NFC, 4th in NFC West
Week 15: L, 14-40 @ ATL
Next Game: Week 16 vs LAR

The Cardinals close out the rankings for the second straight week, and will most likely end up here for the remainder of the season. They are playing like the worst team in football. Just make sure Josh Rosen doesn’t get hurt, like everyone else on their roster. — Brandon

Shoutout to Larry Fitz!

Thank you for reading our power rankings heading into Week 16! Stay tuned for next week’s ranks.

The 30 MLB Crew

Playoff Picture


Division Leaders
1. [*] Chiefs 11-3
2. Texans 10-4
3. Patriots 9-5
4. Steelers 8-5-1

Wild Card
5. [*] Chargers 11-3
6. Ravens 8-6

In The Hunt
7. Colts 8-6
8. Titans 8-6
9. Dolphins 7-7
10. Browns 6-7-1

11. Broncos 6-8
12. Bengals 6-8
13. Bills 5-9
14. Jaguars 4-10
15. Jets 4-10
16. Raiders 3-11


Division Leaders
1. [+] Saints 12-2 
2. [+] Rams 11-3
3. [+] Bears 10-4
4. Cowboys 8-6

Wild Card
5. Seahawks 8-6
6. Vikings 7-6-1

In The Hunt
7. Eagles 7-7
8. Washington 7-7
9. Panthers 6-8

10. Packers 5-8-1
11. Falcons 5-9
12. Buccaneers 5-9
13. Giants 5-9
14. Lions 5-9
15. 49ers 4-10
16. Cardinals 3-11

* Clinched Playoffs
+ Clinched Division Title
^ Clinched First Round Bye

-Thanks for Reading-

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