NFL Power Rankings: Week 15

The NFL season is now three weeks from the playoffs, and we had plenty of playoff-like craziness last week. The number one team went down, there was a fantastic “Phinish” in Miami, and both bad bay area teams won! Each win or loss now is critical now. For playoff teams or fringe teams, playoff placement is on the line. For the others, key draft spots are yet to be determined.

Our NFL crew (consists of Brandon Rosenthal, Erick Garcia, & Social Mike) ranks all 32 NFL teams from top to bottom. Teams are placed in tiers, taking stock in which teams are playing the best (and worst) football.



Tier 1 (1-6)
Tier 2 (7-12)
Tier 3 (13-19)
Tier 4 (20-25)
Tier 5 (26-32)
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Tier 1

1. Kansas City Chiefs 

Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 11-2
1st in AFC, 1st in AFC West
Week 14: W, 27-24 vs BAL
Last Week: 2 ⬆️

The Chiefs move up to the top spot, but they had to sweat one out last week against the Ravens, at home. They clearly miss Kareem Hunt more than we all thought, and a showdown against the Chargers for division looms on Thursday night. — Brandon

2. Los Angeles Chargers

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 10-3
5th in AFC, 2nd in AFC West
Week 14: W, 26-21 vs CIN
Last Week: 3 ⬆️

The Chargers won their 10th game this year, and put themselves right in the mix for a first round bye. Rivers has been an MVP candidate, and he wil get a chance to prove himself against fellow MVP candidate Pat Mahomes on Thursday. — Brandon

3. New Orleans Saints 

Credit: Jason Behnken/Associated Press

Record: 11-2
2nd in NFC, 1st in NFC South
Week 14: W, 28-14 @ TB
Last Week: 4 ⬆️

The Saints slide up to number three after a nice road win against the Bucs, although it didn’t always look good. Drew Brees is still in the running for MVP, but more importantly, the Saints are still in place for a first round bye. — Brandon

4. Los Angeles Rams

Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 11-2
1st in NFC, 1st in NFC West
Week 14: L, 6-15 @ CHI
Last Week: 1 ⬇️

The Rams lost for the second time this season, but this was a very tough road game, against a very tough opponent. There is some concern however, as Todd Gurley only got 14 touches (11 carries). If the Rams want to get out of the NFC, give the ball to Gurley. — Brandon

5. Chicago Bears 

Credit: Todd Rosenberg/NFL

Record: 9-4
3rd in NFC, 1st in NFC North
Week 14: W, 15-6 vs LAR
Last Week: 6 ⬆️

The Bears move up into the top five after a very impressive win against the LA Rams. The defense held the powerful Rams to only 6 points, and the running game looked good. The downfall for the Bears is their young QB, Mitch Trubisky. If he throws the ball to the right team, the Bears can get to the Super Bowl. — Brandon

6. New England Patriots 

Credit: AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

Record: 9-4
2nd in AFC, 1st in AFC East
Week 14: L, 33-34 @ MIA
Last Week: 5 ⬇️

The Patriots lost on one of the craziest plays in NFL history, and have the division pretty much wrapped up. That loss shouldn’t cost them much, but now the Pats have 4 losses and are in danger of losing their first round bye. — Brandon

Tier 2

7. Dallas Cowboys 

Credit: Roger Steinman/Associated Press

Record: 8-5
4th in NFC, 1st in NFC East
Week 14: W, 29-23 vs PHI (OT)
Last Week: 9 ⬆️

The Cowboys are now three games above .500, and find themselves in first place in their division, with breathing room. Amari Cooper has been fantastic and seems completely rejuvenated, along with Ezekiel Elliott. The Cowboys defense has been outstanding, but can it last? — Brandon

8. Houston Texans 

Credit: Michael Wyke/Associated Press

Record: 9-4
3rd in AFC, 1st in AFC South
Week 14: L, 21-24 vs IND
Last Week: 7 ⬇️

The Texans saw their 9-game winning streak come to an end, but their playoff odds are still very good. The Texans should get to 10 wins, which would almost guarantee them a postseason spot. I still don’t think this team is great, but they can clearly get the job done. — Brandon

9. Seattle Seahawks 

Credit: Bettina Hansen/The Seattle Times

Record: 8-5
5th in NFC, 2nd in NFC West
Week 14: W, 21-7 vs MIN
Last Week: 10 ⬆️

The Seahawks dominated the Vikings on MNF, and are now in prime position to make the playoffs. Former Seahawks Richard Sherman plays his former defense next, so expect some fireworks on the Seattle side. Russell Wilson has been nothing short of spectacular this year. — Brandon

10. Pittsburgh Steelers 

Credit: AP Photo/D. Ross Cameron

Record: 7-6-1
4th in AFC, 1st in AFC North
Week 14: L, 21-24 @ OAK
Last Week: 8 ⬇️

The Steelers lose in Oakland, and are now hanging on for dear life to that division lead. RB James Conner is dealing with injuries, so it’s all on Big Ben and the receivers. Two big games against NE and NO will decide their fate. — Brandon

11. Indianapolis Colts 

Credit: Michael Wyke/Associated Press

Record: 7-6
7th in AFC, 2nd in AFC South
Week 14: W, 24-21 @ HOU
Last Week: 12 ⬆️

The Colts come up with a season-saving win on the road in Houston, and are now in 7th place with three games left. The Colts might have to run the table (DAL, NYG, TEN) in order to make the playoffs. — Brandon

12. Baltimore Ravens 

Credit: Ed Zurga/Associated Press

Record: 7-6
6th in AFC, 2nd in AFC North
Week 14: L, 24-27 @ KC
Last Week: 11 ⬇️

The Ravens fight hard in KC, but come up short and now are tied with two teams at 7-6. Still, the Ravens control their own fate. If they can go 2-1 (TB, LAC, CLE), they should find themselves in the postseason.  — Brandon

Tier 3

13. Miami Dolphins 

Credit: Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Record: 7-6
8th in AFC, 2nd in AFC East
Week 14: W, 34-33 vs NE
Last Week: 17 ⬆️

Huge win against the Pats for the Dolphins to keep their playoff hopes alive. I’ve been down on this team for a long time, but here they are still in the playoff mix, and they deserve my props. Here’s to not giving up on the season 👊🏽 — Erick Garcia

14. Tennessee Titans 

Credit: Wesley Hitt (Getty)

Record: 7-6
9th in AFC, 3rd in AFC South
Week 14: W, 30-9 vs JAX
Last Week: 16 ⬆️

The Titans have been hot and cold all season long, but after punking the Jags on Thursday night and winning 2 straight, they’re still in the playoff hunt. — Erick Garcia

15. Minnesota Vikings 

Credit: Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)

Record: 6-6-1
6th in NFC, 2nd in NFC North
Week 14: L, 7-21 @ SEA
Last Week: 14 ⬇️

The loss to the Seahawks was huge, the Vikings had a chance to get a 1 game lead over the Panthers and Eagles for the 6th seed in the NFC, but didn’t get it done. Now the Vikings are in the same spot as the Eagles and Panthers. It’s looking like who ever the 6th seed in the NFC is, won’t be a team coming in hot.  — Erick Garcia

16. Philadelphia Eagles 

Credit:Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Record: 6-7
8th in NFC, 2nd in NFC East
Week 14: L, 23-29 @ DAL
Last Week: 18 ⬆️

The Eagles blew their chances of winning the NFC East after losing to the Cowboys and now are 1 of 3 teams fighting for the final playoff spot in the NFC. It’s a good thing that they’re still not eliminated, but it’s hard to believe this team won the Super Bowl last year.  — Erick Garcia

17. Denver Broncos 

Credit: Robert Reiners/Getty Images)

Record: 6-7
9th in AFC, 3rd in AFC West
Week 14: L, 14-20 @ SF
Last Week: 13 ⬇️

They all but blew their chances of making the playoffs after a loss to a horrible 49ers team. They’re behind 4 teams for the final wildcard spot, and it’s hard to trust a team that just lost to the Niners. — Erick Garcia

18. Cleveland Browns 

Credit: Scott Galvin

Record: 5-7-1
11th in AFC, 4th in AFC North
Week 14: W, 26-20 vs CAR
Last Week: 23 ⬆️

The Brows have a shot to get to 8 wins, which would be huge for a team that didn’t win a single game last year. Getting rid of Hue was the best thing for Mayfield. — Erick Garcia

19. Carolina Panthers

Credit: Ron Schwane/Associated Press

Record: 6-7
7th in NFC, 2nd in NFC South
Week 14: L, 20-26 @ CLE
Last Week: 15 ⬇️

They were never gonna catch the Saints, but they were 6-2 and it looked like the worst case scenario would be a wildcard spot. They’re not mathematically eliminated but at 6-7 and having lost their last 5 games, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s a wrap for the Panthers.  — Erick Garcia

Tier 4

20. Green Bay Packers 

Credit: Mike Roemer/Associated Press

Record: 5-7-1
10th in NFC, 3rd in NFC North
Week 14: W, 34-20 vs GB
Last Week: 21 ⬆️

1st game with out Mike McCarthy and what do you know Packers win. Green Bay now 5-7-1 move up one spot from last week still no hopes of playoffs.  — Social Mike

21. New York Giants 

Credit: Patrick Semansky/Associated Press

Record: 5-8
12th in NFC, 4th in NFC East
Week 14: W, 40-16 @ WAS
Last Week: 28 ⬆️

Having won their last 2 games, the Giants jump up the rankings, but it’s probably too little too late for the GMen, who are still last place of the NFC east.  — Social Mike

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Credit: Jason Behnken/Associated Press

Record: 5-8
11th in NFC, 3rd in NFC South
Week 14: L, 14-28 vs NOR
Last Week: 19 ⬇️

Dropping 3 spots TB after losing to the Saints on Sunday, and another year with out playoffs,  the Bucs should be looking to move on from their coach AND QB this off season. — Social Mike

23. Detroit Lions 

Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Record: 5-8
13th in NFC, 4th in NFC North
Week 14: W, 17-3 @ AZ
Last Week: 29 ⬆️

The Lions coming off a win Sunday, the Lions are still at the bottom of the NFC North, looking to build for a better year next season. — Social Mike

24. Washington Football Team 

Credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Record: 6-7
9th in NFC, 3rd in NFC East
Week 14: L, 16-40 vs NYG
Last Week: 20 ⬇️

The Washington football team continues to free fall in the playoff hunt and our rankings. Although Josh Johnson provided a nice spark at QB, it won’t be enough to win the division this year.  — Social Mike

25. Jacksonville Jaguars 

Credit: Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Record: 4-9
14th in AFC, 4th in AFC South
Week 14: L, 9-30 vs TEN
Last Week: 25 ⬇️

The Jags are definitely looking into next year as the Cody Kessler era has begun. Kessler isn’t the future either, the Jags are back to being the Jags, as they got ran over by Derrick Henry on TNF.  — Social Mike

Tier 5: Dumpster Fires

26. Cincinnati Bengals 


Record: 5-8
11th in AFC, 3rd in AFC North
Week 14: L, 21-26
Last Week: 27 ⬆️

AJ Green and Andy Dalton done for the year, so that means so are the Bengals. Looking a lot more like the Bengals we had in mind at the beginning of the season, and incredibly the timer is set for Hue Jackson. — Social Mike

27. Atlanta Falcons 

Credit: Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Record: 4-9
12th in NFC, 4th in NFC South
Week 14: L, 20-34 @ GB
Last Week: 24 ⬇️

The Falcons have been a disappointment this year, although they’ve finally found a way to get Julio some TD’s.  It’s going to be interesting couple of weeks for ATL; don’t be surprised if there is movement in the office/coaching staff. — Social Mike

28. New York Jets 

Credit: Adrian Kraus/Associated Press

Record: 4-9
15th in AFC, 4th in AFC East
Week 14: W, 27-23 @ BUF
Last Week: 26 ⬇️

Gang green has not won many games this season, but they have not stopped fighting as they pulled off a win against division rival Buffalo. Another situation that may include a coaching change, with a QB already in place, it’s time to get Sam Darnold an offensive minded coach.  — Social Mike

29. Buffalo Bills 

Credit: Adrian Kraus/Associated Press

Record: 4-9
13th in AFC, 3rd in AFC East
Week 14: L, 23-27 vs NYJ
Last Week: 25 ⬇️

With a loss Sun to the NY Jets, the Bills and Jets are now both tied at the bottom of the division. Buffalo’s bright spot of the last few weeks has been 1st round pick QB Josh Allen who has played well, and looks to carry it into the 2019 season.  — Erick Garcia

30. Oakland Raiders 

Credit: Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Record: 3-10
16th in AFC, 4th in AFC West
Week 14: W, 24-21 vs PIT
Last Week: 31 ⬆️

HUGE win against the Steelers, the Raiders move up a spot, but still a lost season for Oak. Year 1 of Gruden’s return is earning them a top 5 pick in April’s draft. — Social Mike

31. San Francisco 49ers  

Credit: Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Record: 3-10
16th in NFC, 4th in NFC West
Week 14: W, 20-14 vs DEN
Last Week: 32 ⬆️

BIG win against the Broncos Sun, the 49ers move up 1 spot in the rankings (should’ve been 5). Possibly playing spoiler to the Broncos playoff hopes, the 9ers stays locked in for a top 2 pick. — Social Mike

32. Arizona Cardinals  

Credit: Michael Chow/The Republic)

Record: 3-10
15th in NFC, 3rd in NFC West
Week 14: L, 3-17 vs DET
Last Week: 30 ⬇️

After an upset win against the Packers, or best described as the Mike McCarthy game. The cards get back to doing what they do best losing, they are at the bottom of the list where they have been the most consistent this year. — Social Mike

Thank you for reading our power rankings heading into week 15! Stay tuned for next week’s ranks.

Brandon, Erick, & Mike

Playoff Picture

AFC Playoff Standings

Division Leaders
1. [*] Chiefs 11-2 (Bye)
2. Patriots 9-4 (Bye)
3. Texans 9-4
4. Steelers 7-6-1

Wild Card
5. Chargers 10-3
6. Ravens 7-6

In The Hunt
7. Colts 7-6
8. Dolphins 7-6
9. Broncos 6-7
10. Titans 6-7
11. Browns 5-7-1
12. Bengals 5-8

13. Bills 4-9
14. Jaguars 4-9
15. Jets 4-9
16. Raiders 3-10

NFC Playoff Standings

Division Leaders
1. [+] Rams 11-2 (Bye)
2. [+] Saints 11-2 (Bye)
3. Bears 9-4
4. Cowboys 8-5

Wild Card
5. Seahawks 8-5
6. Vikings 6-6-1

In The Hunt
7. Panthers 6-7
8. Eagles 6-7
9. Washington 6-7
10. Packers 5-7-1
11. Buccaneers 5-8
12. Giants 5-8
13. Lions 5-8
14. Falcons 4-9

15. Cardinals 3-10
16. 49ers 3-10

* Clinched Playoffs
+ Clinched Division Title


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