EPL Rankings: Gameweek 14

The English Premier League is well underway, as all teams have played 13 matches. We have a pretty clear understanding of what clubs are the real threats, and what clubs won’t be discussed. As we discussed on the podcast, below is the inaugural power rankings of the English Premiere League (EPL), one of the most prestigious soccer leagues in the world. I’ve rank the top five EPL teams, list EPL table, and tell you which clubs have a chance of moving into the Champions League. Additionally, I will give you three bonus teams that currently qualify for Europa League.

Enjoy! –

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EPL Power Rankings

UEFA Champions League Qualifiers

1 Manchester City (35 pts)
Having won 9 out of the last 10 games, it’s hard not to rank the noisy neighbors at the top. They are easily the top team in the Premier League, with no losses in league play.

Next Match: Bournemouth

2 Liverpool (35 pts)
With five wins in their last 10 matches, Liverpool has been able to maintain 2nd place in EPL, with three of their five wins coming from league play (along with no losses). I have them as the #2 team as of now, as they sport a +9 goal difference (and three points) from the Spurs.

Next Match: Everton

3 Tottenham Hotspur (30 pts)
Tottenham is red-hot. They have seven wins out of their last 10 matches. They also keep themselves within striking distance from the top spot, only down -9 goals from Liverpool. They are my 3rd ranked team, but closing in on Liverpool.

Next Match: Arsenal

4 Chelsea (28 pts)
The Blues have gone 2-1-3 in league play, down 2 points but holding a +5 goal lead on the Spurs they can move into the 3rd spot in the standings but 4th in the ranks as the 1 loss came to the Spurs they are good for the 4th spot as well in my rankings.

Next Match: Fulham

5 Arsenal (27 pts)
The Gunners have only gained points in the last 10, with none of the victories coming to any of the top teams they won’t be jumping ahead of Chelsea just yet. They are only 1 point from 4th place, Arsenal are looking to jump Chelsea in the standings and my rankings. (still +5 goal difference for the Blues they are holding off the Gunners for another week).

Next Match: Tottenham

Next Match: Tottenham

Stoppage Time

Europa League Qualifiers

1 Manchester United (7th in EPL)
Up next a date with Southampton, The Red Devils are looking to position themselves in the 6th spot. 

2 Everton (6th in EPL)
Ranked second by default, and they get Liverpool (ouch). Expect them to drop in my next rankings, and possibly out of a Europa spot. 

3 Bournemouth (8th in EPL)
Big shocker (Not) as Bournemouth is ranked 3rd of the Bonus 3. They are only one point away from jumping Man U and only two points from jumping Everton in the standings. We could see some movement for Bournemouth in the rankings and standings in the upcoming  week. Lucky for them Man City is up next so the only movement they will see is their way out of a Europa League spot and my rankings for sure. (Upset maybe?)

18/19 TABLE

1. Manchester City13112035
2. Liverpool13103035
3. Tottenham13100330
4. Chelsea1384128
5. Arsenal1383227
6. Everton1364322
7. Manchester United1363421
8. Bournemouth1362520
9. Watford1362520
10. Leicester City1353518

Thanks for reading! 

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