Final 2017 NFL Power Rankings

The 2017 NFL regular season is officially over. Hard to believe that 17 weeks came and left that quickly. There were a lot of surprises this season, and some disappointments. Some things we knew would happen (Patriots dominating, Browns being horrible) and there were some things we didn’t expect (Jacksonville winning ten games, Giants being downright awful). Now that it’s all said and done, enjoy our rankings!

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NFL Tiers

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NFL Power Rankings: 2017 Final

Tier 1 – Defend the Throne



1. New England Patriots  9i4edn75t
Record: 13-3, 1st AFC East
Last Game: W, 26-13 vs Jets
Next Game: 1/13, Divisional Round
Last Week: 2

Brandon: Brady and Belichick won another division title and find themselves in great position to get back to the Super Bowl. Brady should be the MVP.

Erick: The Pats got the #1 spot the same way the Browns got the #32 spot….. they earned it!


2. Pittsburgh Steelers 9i4edn75t
Record: 13-3, 1st AFC North
Last Game: L, 24-27 vs Patriots
Next Game: 1/14, Divisional Round
Last Week: 2

B: The Steelers have looked fantastic most of the year and they are heading into a first round bye. If Antonio Brown can come back healthy, I think this could be the year they get back to the SB.

E: The Steelers have all the weapons they need on offense, but I don’t see them beating the Pats in Foxborough.


3. Minnesota Vikings 9i4edn75t
Record: 13-3, 1st NFC North
Last Game: W, 23-10 vs Bears
Next Game: 1/14, Divisional Round
Last Week: 4

B: The Vikings have answered the bell all season long and find themselves with 13 wins and a first round bye. Case Keenum proved he can play the position, now can he win a playoff game?

E: Solid, Solid, and Solid.  The Vikings are the most complete team in the NFC, and are my favorites to reach the Super Bowl.

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Tier 2 – Playoffs Here We Come


7953_los_angeles_rams-primary-2017.png4. Los Angeles Rams 9i4edn75t
Record: 11-5, 1st NFC West
Last Game: L, 13-34 vs 49ers
Next Game: 1/6 vs Falcons, WC Round
Last Week: 6

Brandon: The Rams sat everyone in Week 17 which resulted in a loss, but make no mistake, this team is one of the best in the NFC. This is my sleeper to get to the super bowl, but they have to get past last year’s NFC champion next.

Erick: The Rams were one of the best teams in the regular season, but the playoffs are another animal.  We don’t know how the Rams are going to react, but I’m excited to find out.


5. Philadelphia Eagles green_arrow_up
Record: 13-3, 1st NFC East
Last Game: L, 0-6 vs Cowboys
Next Game: 1/13, NFC Divisional Round
Last Week: 6

B: If Carson Wentz was playing, they would be in the top tier. He is not. However, the Eagles did win 13 games, and at least will give their fans one home game.

E: The Eagles were able to win without Wentz, but it was against the Giants.  I don’t see the Eagle being able to win a game in the playoffs without Wentz.


6. New Orleans Saints green_arrow_up
Record: 11-5, 1st NFC South
Last Game: L, 24-31 @ Buccaneers
Next Game: 1/7 vs Panthers, WC Round
Last Week: 8

B: The Saints two-headed monster of Kamara and Ingram in fierce. New Orleans has been the most surprising team of the year, and they will have a home game to show for it in the Playoffs. However, will they beat Carolina for a third time?

E: The Saints are the team I was most wrong about, and at this point I can realistically see them getting to the Super Bowl.


7. Carolina Panthers 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 11-5, 2nd NFC South
Last Game: L, 10-22 @ Falcons
Next Game: 1
Last Week: 5

B: This team will go as Cam Newton goes, as we’ve said all season long. Carolina has a shot to get to the NFC title game if they can beat the Saints this weekend.

E: Every time I start believing in Cam and the Panthers they lay an egg. I never know which Panthers team is going to show up.


8. Atlanta Falcons green_arrow_up
Record: 10-6, 3rd NFC South
Last Game: W, 22-10 vs Panthers
Next Game: 1/6 @ Rams, WC Round
Last Week: 10

B: The Falcons finished the season nicely after getting off to a poor start. They did get to the SB last year, but that team had Shanahan’s Ryan. This team doesn’t, but they still have JULIO.

E:  I believe in Julio, but I don’t believe in Matt Ryan, so I don’t think this is going to be the Falcons year.

chiefs9. Kansas City Chiefs 9i4edn75t
Record: 10-6, 1st AFC West
Last Game: W, 27-24 @ Broncos
Next Game: 1/6 vs Titans, WC Round
Last Week: 9

B: The Chiefs were streaky all season long, and find themselves riding a four-game streak to end the year. They should be able to bounce Tennessee to make it five. Great seasons for Alex Smith and Kareem Hunt.

E: The Chiefs look like they got back on track to end the season, but when push comes to shove, I can’t trust Andy Reid in the playoffs.


10. Jacksonville Jaguars 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 10-6, 1st AFC South
Last Game: L, 10-15 @ Titans
Next Game: 1/7 vs Bills, WC Round
Last Week: 7

B: The Jags are kind of limping into the postseason, losing two in a row. However, they do get a home game against the Bills, and then could face the Steelers (who they already beat). Double-However…the Jags still have Bortles.

E: It’s been the same all season long, and the playoffs are no different. The Jags are great as long as they don’t have to count on Bortles.

Buffalo_Bills_Logo11. Buffalo Bills green_arrow_up
Record: 9-7, 2nd AFC East
Last Game: W, 22-16 @ Dolphins
Next Game: 1/7 @ Jaguars, WC Round
Last Week: 14

B: The Bills were able to get in thanks to Baltimore shitting the bed, but the Bills are in! I doubt they will do much, but this is quite an accomplishment for a team that was supposed to tank.

E: The Bills backed their way into the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t party like it’s 1999.

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Tier 3 – So Close, Yet So Far



12. Los Angeles Chargers 9i4edn75t
Record: 9-7, 2nd AFC West
Last Game: W, 30-10 vs Raiders
Next Game: None
Last Week: 12

Brandon: The Chargers put up a great fight, but in the end…you probably shouldn’t start the season 0-4 if you want to make the playoffs. This team should make the playoffs next year, but you know how that goes.

Erick: It’s getting old seeing the Chargers look like a playoff team, that doesn’t make the playoffs.


13. San Francisco 49ers green_arrow_up
Record: 6-10, 4th NFC West
Last Game: W, 34-13 @ Rams
Next Game: None
Last Week: 18

B: Holy Jimmy G! The Niners finish off the season with a five-game winning streak and will enter next season as a favorite to make the playoffs! Niners are in great shape and have found their franchise QB.

E: Ever since Jimmy G took over, the Niners haven’t lost a game, and they have to be the favorite team to make the jump from worst to first next season.


14. Dallas Cowboys 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 9-7, 2nd NFC East
Last Game: W, 6-0 @ Eagles
Next Game: None
Last Week: 11

B: Dallas is still a super bowl contending team, when everyone is present. Regardless of how inept Jason Garrett is…this team still has Zeke and Dak. A couple moves in the off season and this team will be back in the hunt.

E: The Cowboys had a disappointing season, but Jason Garrett still got to keep his job.  He has to be the biggest YES man Jerry’s money could buy.


15. Tennessee Titans green_arrow_up
Record: 9-7, 2nd AFC South
Last Game: W, 15-10 vs Jaguars
Next Game: 1/6 @ Chiefs, WC Round
Last Week: 17

B: The Titans barely creeped into the playoffs, but they won’t last. This team needs a new head coach to unleash Marcus Mariota.

E: Mariota and the Titans backed in to the playoffs, and are the worst team in the playoffs.


16. Baltimore Ravens 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 9-7, 2nd AFC North
Last Game: L, 27-31 vs Bengals
Next Game: None
Last Week: 13

B: After saying the Ravens were a lock, they lose at home to the Bengals (on a 4th and 17 conversion). When you give that up, you deserve to lose. This team is a few pieces away but they are close.

E: The Ravens defense was solid, but the offense was not.  If the Ravens really believe in Flacco, they need to get him some weapons.


17. Seattle Seahawks  2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 9-7, 2nd NFC West
Last Game: L, 24-26 vs Cardinals
Next Game: None
Last Week: 15

B: This team has one goal going into the off-season…protect Russell Wilson. That’s their only shot next year, because it looks like some key free agents on defense are out of town.

E: We have seen the end of an era, the Seahawks are going to get worse, not better next season.


18. Detroit Lions 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 9-7, 2nd NFC North
Last Game: W, 35-11 vs Packers
Next Game: None
Last Week: 16

B: Firing Jim Caldwell is a good move because this team is stuck in the mud. They have all the weapons to win, but don’t.

E: Ihe Lions have gotten close to taking the next step, but only to flop when it’s all said and done, getting rid of the head coach was a start in the right direction.

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Tier 4 – Bad, but Not-Bad



19. Arizona Cardinals green_arrow_up
Record: 8-8, 3rd NFC West
Last Game: W, 26-24 @ Seahawks
Next Game: None
Last Week: 24

Brandon: Head Coach Bruce Arians retired and so did QB Carson Palmer, so that will be priority number one in the off-season. David Johnson is back next year, and the Cards should be too.

Erick: They need to find a QB and a head coach in the off-season, but I think they aren’t too far from turning things around.

clipart-download-funny-football-team-pics-and-amusing-football-clipart-9W4z20-clipart20. Cincinnati Bengals green_arrow_up
Record: 7-9, 3rd AFC North
Last Game: W, 31-27 @ Ravens
Next Game: None
Last Week: 25

B: The Bengals and Marvin Lewis did it! They (helped the Bills) get to the playoffs! Congrats on beating the Ravens, and your reward is two more years of Marvin.

E: The Bengals are scared to get better, after having another underwhelming season, they announce Marvin Lewis is returning. Free AJ Green Please !


21. Washington Football Team 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 7-9, 3rd NFC East
Last Game: L, 10-18 @ Giants
Next Game: None
Last Week: 18

B: The Deadskins are finally done, and I think Kirk Cousins is done with this team as well. I foresee a bad season next year for the Skins.

E: I don’t see how Washington gets better next year without Cousins, I believe they will end lower in the rankings at the end of next season.

green_bay_packers_logo22. Green Bay Packers 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 7-9, 3rd NFC North
Last Game: L, 11-35 @ Lions
Next Game: None
Last Week: 19

B: The Packers had their look at Hundley, and realize the holes this team had. Rodgers will be back and this team will be fine, but they have some moves to make.

E: The Packers almost made the playoffs even though Rodgers missed a big part of the season.  I have to think the Packers make some noise next season.


23. Oakland Raiders 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 6-10, 3rd AFC West
Last Game: L, 10-30 @ Chargers
Next Game: None
Last Week: 22

B: The Raiders limp to 6-10 and promptly fire their coach. Reports are Gruden is back, so I expect this team to be back along with him.

E: The Raiders took a giant step back this season after playing so well last season.  It looks like the Raiders are going all in on Gruden, let’s see if he’s still got it.


24. Miami Dolphins 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 6-10, 3rd AFC East
Last Game: L, 16-22 vs Bills
Next Game: None
Last Week: 21

B: What are the Dolphins? This team has no identity, but Ryan Tannehill is back next year. Oh, that doesn’t solve their issues? Well, they are shit outta luck then.

E: Well lets all hope that’s the last time we ever see Jay Cutler again.


25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers green_arrow_up
Record: 5-11, 4th NFC South
Last Game: W, 31-24 vs Saints
Next Game: None
Last Week: 27

B: The Bucs beat the Saints to end the year with a win, but that only counts for one win, which gives them five. The Bucs were not a good football team this year, and enter the offseason with a shit-load of questions.

E: I felt the Bucs were a new head coach away from getting back on track, but Dirk Koetter is coming back so I don’t have much hope for the Bucs.

200px-New_York_Jets_logo_svg26. New York Jets 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 5-11, 4th AFC East
Last Game: L, 6-26 vs Patriots
Next Game: None
Last Week: 23

B: The Jets are much closer to the postseason than their records indicates, but this team still needs a QB bad. They get a decent pick this year, and could throw some cash at a veteran.

E: Keeping Todd Bowles was the right call, but you can add the Jets to the long list of teams looking for a QB.

ktmkrakmc27. Chicago Bears 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 5-11, 4th NFC North
Last Game: L, 10-23 @ Vikings
Next Game: None
Last Week: 26

B: The Bears were spunky all season long. This team can compete but now they need a coach to unlock Mitch.

E: The Bears might have found their guy with Mitch Trubisky, now they have to find the right head coach, if they want him to reach his full potential.

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Tier 5 – Shitsville

giphy (3)

denver_broncos_logo-svg28. Denver Broncos 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 5-11
Last Game: L, 24-27 vs Chiefs
Next Game: None
Last Week: 26

B: Denver is not in a great place right now. They have no QB, a coach on the hot seat and a losing record. All eyes are starting to finally look at Elway.

E: If the Broncos don’t find their QB in the off-season, they’re gonna be in the same spot or lower in the rankings at the end of next season.


29. Indianapolis Colts green_arrow_up
Record: 4-12
Last Game: W, 22-13 vs Texans
Next Game: None
Last Week: 31

B: Pagano is now gone and the Colts can hire a guy that actually can scheme to protect Andrew Luck (if he can ever throw again).

E: Better Luck next year… Pun intended.

Houston_Texans_Logo30. Houston Texans 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 4-12
Last Game: L, 13-22 @ Colts
Next Game: None
Last Week: 29

B: The Texans will be back in the hunt next year when DeShaun Watson and JJ Watt are healthy. If they aren’t, well…this ranking is a preview then.

E: The Texans can make a big jump to top half of the rankings next season when Deshaun Watson returns.


31. New York Giants 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 3-13
Last Game: W, 18-10 vs Washington
Next Game: None
Last Week: 30

B: This team has the clean slate to do what they want. Rosen and Darnold declared for the draft, so we may see one of those kids in a Giants uniform next year. McDaniels is a prime candidate to be their HC in my eyes.

E: Maybe next year the Giants can beat out the Browns for worst team in the league


32. Cleveland Browns 9i4edn75t
Record: 0-16
Last Game: L, 24-27 @ Steelers
Next Game: None
Last Week: 32

B: This team is a joke. Zero wins in 2017, and only one win last year. Their head coach is clearly in on the joke as he gives zero shits.

E: The Browns were horrible for 16 games, and they still kept their head coach. Try and guess, where I’m going to rank the Browns to start next season?

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Thank you for reading our 2017 NFL Power Rankings! This was our best season yet, and we can’t wait to be back in 2018!

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