Welcome to the 2017 NFL Power Rankings – Week 16

It’s Christmas and Hanukkah time with plenty of gifts for everyone this weekend! Every team is in action this weekend, with the majority of games coming on Christmas Eve. Best of luck to everyone in FFL title games. A slight shuffle this week but mainly teams are settling in. Check out the rankings and memes below!

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Where did your team end up?

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Tier 1 – Santa’s Best



1. New England Patriots  green_arrow_up
Record: 11-3
Last Game: W, 27-24 @ Steelers
Next Game: Week 16 vs Bills
Last Week: 2

Brandon: Regardless of how they won, the Pats still won and now own the tie-breaker between them and Pit. Brady is almost a lock to win MVP at age 40 at this point.

E: The Pats got over the Dolphins loss and were able to bounce back and beat the Steelers, to show everyone that they’re still who we thought they were.

Pittsburgh_Steelers_logo.svg2. Pittsburgh Steelers 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 11-3
Last Game: L, 24-27 vs Patriots
Next Game: Week 16 @ Texans
Last Week: 1

B: The Steelers lose twice in one game. Losing to the Pats sucks…but losing Antonio Brown is even worse. I know some fantasy football owners were extremely upset that he’s out.

E: I don’t see the Steelers beating the Pats on the road in the playoffs, but I still think think the Steelers are getting to the AFC championship game.

large3. Minnesota Vikings green_arrow_up
Record: 11-3
Last Game: W, 34-7 vs Bengals
Next Game: Week 16 @ Packers
Last Week: 4

B: There is no doubt that the Vikings are heading to the playoffs. It’s also very little doubt in Case Keenum. He’s playing terrific and Mike Zimmer has to be Coach of the Year.

E: Case Keenum has shocked me all season long, so I guess I can’t be too shocked if he ends up winning some playoff games.

7953_los_angeles_rams-primary-2017.png4. Los Angeles Rams green_arrow_up
Record: 10-4
Last Game: W, 42-7 @ Seahawks
Next Game: Week 16 @ Titans
Last Week: 6

B: WOW. The Rams kicked the shit out of Seattle and will win the NFC West (most likely). They are my favorite to get to the Super Bowl and represent the NFC. Oh, and Todd Gurley single-handily beat me in Fantasy playoffs. Thanks.

E: Goff gets a lot of the praise on this Rams team, but Gurley on offense, and Aaron Donald on defense are the real game changers in my opinion. With that being said the Rams have everything they need to get to the Super Bowl.

carolina_panthers_logo_20125. Carolina Panthers 9i4edn75t
Record: 10-4
Last Game: W, 31-24 vs Packers
Next Game: Week 16 vs Buccaneers
Last Week: 5

B: Cam Newton looks like MVP-Cam, and that is scary with the playoffs two weeks away. I like Carolina as much as the Rams when Cam is like this.

E: I just think that the world is a better place when Cam is doing his thing, and right now Cam is doing his thing.


6. Philadelphia Eagles 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 12-2
Last Game: W, 34-29 @ Giants
Next Game: Week 16 vs Raiders
Last Week: 3

B: Nick Foles played great, but this team almost lost to the Giants. They look vulnerable, especially without #11 playing.

E: The Eagles were able to win without Wentz, but it was against the Giants.  I don’t see the Eagle being able to win a game in the playoffs without Wentz.

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Tier 2 – The Nice List


1022px-Jacksonville_Jaguars_logo.svg.png7. Jacksonville Jaguars green_arrow_up
Record: 10-4
Last Game: W, 45-7 vs Texans
Next Game: Week 16 @ 49ers
Last Week: 8

B: The Jags are in the postseason for the first time in what seems like forever, and Blake Bortles has looked okay in the last three! Can the Jags win a playoff game?

E: The fact that the Jaguars age going to be playing a playoff game at home with Blake Bortles as their QB, shows us how good the Jags defense really is.

200px-new_orleans_saints_svg8. New Orleans Saints 9i4edn75t
Record: 10-4
Last Game: W, 31-19 vs Jets
Next Game: Week 16 vs Falcons
Last Week: 8

Brandon: Alvin Kamara is back and the Saints find themselves back in the win column. Showdown with Atlanta this weekend to prove who stays and who goes.

E: The Saints got the Job done against a bad Jets teams last week, but they get a real test against the Falcons this week.

chiefs9. Kansas City Chiefs green_arrow_up
Record: 8-6
Last Game: W, 30-13 vs Chargers
Next Game: Week 16 vs Dolphins
Last Week: 15

B: BIG win by the Chiefs to truly stop the bleeding. KC has won two in a row against divisional opponents and sit in the driver seat for the AFC West title.

E: The Chiefs look like they are getting back on track at the right time.

atlanta_falcons_logo-svg10. Atlanta Falcons 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 9-5
Last Game: W, 24-21 @ Buccaneers
Next Game: Week 16 @ Saints
Last Week: 7

B: The Falcons can win the division with two wins against the Saints and Panthers. Easier said than done.

E:  Julio is starting to look like Julio again, and if he keeps it up Atlanta is going to be a tough out in the playoffs.

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Tier 3 – The Ghost of Playoff Past


dallas_cowboys_logo11. Dallas Cowboys 9i4edn75t
Record: 8-6
Last Game: W, 20-17 @ Raiders
Next Game: Week 16 @ Seahawks
Last Week: 14

Brandon: Zeke is back and the Cowboys have a shot. Do-or-die game against the Seahawks is on deck.

Erick: The Cowboys are in the hunt and Elliott is back, but Atlanta is a game ahead of the Cowboys for the last wildcard spot, and if I’m not mistaken the Falcons still have Julio!


12. Los Angeles Chargers 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 7-7
Last Game: L, 13-30 @ Chiefs
Next Game: Week 16 @ Jets
Last Week: 10

B: The Chargers lost a tough one and now are in trouble when it comes to the division, but still have a shot at the Wild Card. Rivers came crashing back down to Phil Rivers form with his 3 INT’s last week.

E: The Chargers are going to have to hope they can steal a wildcard spot because the Chiefs let them know who the kings of the AFC West were last week.

Baltimore_Ravens_Logo13. Baltimore Ravens 9i4edn75t
Record: 8-6
Last Game: W, 27-10 @ Browns
Next Game: Week 16 vs Colts
Last Week: 13

B: Baltimore has placed themselves in a great place. They in a three-way tie for the AFC Wild Card spot and play the Colts and Bengals next. They should finish 10-6 and own one of those spots.

E: I thought that if the Ravens made the playoffs they would be the worst team to get in, but I don’t think that anymore, and we could all thank the Titans for that.

Buffalo_Bills_Logo14. Buffalo Bills 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 8-6
Last Game: W, 24-16 vs Dolphins
Next Game: Week 16 @ Patriots
Last Week: 11

B: The Bills playoff hopes might be done with a loss to the Patriots. If only they started Tyrod against the Chargers. HMMMM…..

E: I really hope the Bills make the playoffs because I don’t know how the fans forgive the head coach for benching Tyrod Taylor, and starting Nathan Peterman instead.

seattle_seahawks_vector_logo-svg15. Seattle Seahawks  2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 8-6
Last Game: L, 7-42 vs Rams
Next Game: Week 16 vs Cowboys
Last Week: 12

B: This is unprecedented for the Seahawks. Getting blown out at home, again this year and now they are on the verge of missing the playoffs.

E: I didn’t think Seattle was making the playoffs before last weeks game against the Rams, but I also didn’t expect them to be embarrassed by the Rams in Seattle like they were.

detroit_lions_logo16. Detroit Lions green_arrow_up
Record: 8-6
Last Game: W, 20-10 vs Bears
Next Game: Week 16 @ Bengals
Last Week: 18

B: The Lions were able to beat a bad Bears team and hold on to their slim playoff hopes. They fight hard, but even if they get in, they won’t do any damage.

E: It isn’t likely that the Lions make the playoffs, but they’re still in the hunt, and that’s a lot better than I thought they would be.

tennessee-titans-logo17. Tennessee Titans 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 8-6
Last Game: L, 23-25 @ 49ers
Next Game: Week 16 vs Rams
Last Week: 10

B: The Titans are the worst team that could make the playoffs. I hope they don’t because they don’t deserve to.

E: I was high on the Titans before the season started, but I really hope the Titans don’t make the playoffs, because I think they would be the worst team to make the playoffs this year.

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Tier 4 – See Ya’ Next Year!


washington_redskins_100018. Washington Football Team green_arrow_up
Record: 6-8
Last Game: W, 20-15 vs Cardinals
Next Game: Week 16 vs Broncos
Last Week: 21

Brandon: Washington won to improve to 6-8, which is exactly what this team is. Close to .500, but not good enough.

Erick: Washington has been the definition of average this season, and they are pretty close to ending the season 8-8.

san_francisco_49ers_logo18. San Francisco 49ers green_arrow_up
Record: 4-10
Last Game: W, 25-23 vs Titans
Next Game: Week 16 vs Jaguars
Last Week: 25

B: Jimmy G has turned around this team that was just awful to start the year. He’s 3-0 since taking over and has everyone’s hopes sky-high.

E: The Jimmy GEEEEE-SUSSSSSSSS era is only getting started.

green_bay_packers_logo19. Green Bay Packers 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 7-7
Last Game: L, 24-31 @ Panthers
Next Game: Week 16 vs Vikings
Last Week: 17

B: The Packers lost and have been eliminated and now Rodgers is on IR. Season over, but a chance to look at Hundley again.

E: Aaron gave it a try but it didn’t work out, so the Packers can shut him down now and wait for next season.

4105_miami_dolphins-primary-201321. Miami Dolphins 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 6-8
Last Game: L, 16-24 @ Bills
Next Game: Week 16 @ Chiefs
Last Week: 19

B: After a nice win against the Pats, the Dolphins lay an egg on the road in Buffalo. Cutler is back to being Cutler-ception.

E: The Dolphins team that lost to the Bills is the real Dolphins team, last week’s Dolphins team that beat the Pats was an impostor.


22. Oakland Raiders 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 6-8
Last Game: L, 17-20 vs Cowboys
Next Game: Week 16 @ Eagles
Last Week: 17

B: The Raiders are officially a wrap in my book. Such a disappointing season all around for this team.

E: At this point, I really hope Carr is still hurt, because him and the rest of his team have been a big let down.


200px-New_York_Jets_logo_svg23. New York Jets 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 5-9
Last Game: L, 19-31 @ Saints
Next Game: Week 16 vs Chargers
Last Week: 22

B: The Jets are done, but they are much closer to the postseason than their record indicates. Once they find a decent QB….again…easier said than done.

E: The Jets have played better than I expected at times, but they also have played exactly as bad as I expected them to play, like they did the last two games.

arizona_cardinals_logo.png24. Arizona Cardinals 9i4edn75t
Record: 6-8
Last Game: L, 10-15 @ Washington
Next Game: Week 16 vs Giants
Last Week: 24

B: The Cards are not that great, but they aren’t that bad either. This team maybe has one more year competing before it’s blow-up time.

E: The Cardinals haven’t been too bad, all things considered.  They need a starting QB ASAP.

clipart-download-funny-football-team-pics-and-amusing-football-clipart-9W4z20-clipart25. Cincinnati Bengals 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 5-9
Last Game: L, 7-34 @ Vikings
Next Game: Week 16 vs Lions
Last Week: 23

B: Christmas came early for the Bengals, as Marvin Lewis says he’s done. Only took 14 years and no playoff wins.

E: Reports say Marvin Lewis is gone at the end of the season, I say ” No Shit ”

denver_broncos_logo-svg26. Denver Broncos green_arrow_up
Record: 5-9
Last Game: W, 25-13 @ Colts
Next Game: Week 16 @ Washington
Last Week: 28

B: The Broncos have won their last two games to move out of the worst tier, but they still stink and are headed in the wrong direction.

E: Bad year for the Broncos, but they have been better as of late, and have won the last two games.

ktmkrakmc26. Chicago Bears 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 4-10
Last Game: L, 10-20 @ Lions
Next Game: Week 16 vs Browns
Last Week: 27

B: The Bears have one job left this season…DO NOT LOSE TO THE BROWNS.

E: No one wants to be the team that loses to the Browns, and the Bears are hoping that it’s not them this week.

tampa_bay_buccaneers_201427. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9i4edn75t
Record: 4-10
Last Game: L, 21-24 vs Falcons
Next Game: Week 16 @ Panthers
Last Week: 27

B: The Bucs will finish with at least 10 losses, which is very surprising considering people slated them for 10 wins.

E: This team has been a huge let that, but I think they might not need much more than a new head coach to turn things around.

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Tier 5 – The Grinch Who Stole Their Season


Houston_Texans_Logo29. Houston Texans 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 4-9
Last Game: L, 16-26 vs 49ers
Next Game: Week 15 @ Jaguars
Last Week: 28

B: This team really misses Watson. They are a bottom feeder without him .

E: The Texans got stomped on by the Jags, I ALMOST felt sorry for them.


30. New York Giants green_arrow_up
Record: 2-12
Last Game: L, 29-34 vs Eagles
Next Game: Week 16 @ Cardinals
Last Week: 31

B: The Giants are in prime position to lose out and draft a replacement QB. Then Odell is back and it’s 2018.

E: Tough game against the Eagles, but the Giants were going to lose that game no matter who the Eagles lined up at QB.


31. Indianapolis Colts 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 3-11
Last Game: L, 13-25 vs Broncos
Next Game: Week 16 @ Ravens
Last Week: 30

B: If I knew Luck was going to miss the year, I would have never drafted him in Fantasy and the Colts would have been #31 all season long.

E: I always felt that this team was terrible, and as the season goes along they keep proving me right.


32. Cleveland Browns 9i4edn75t
Record: 0-12
Last Game: L, 21-27 vs Packers
Next Game: Week 15 vs Ravens
Last Week: 32

B: Another week, another loss for the Browns. This is the Browns Zone, after all. Jokes aside, this is embarrassing for the NFL.

E: 0-16 is their destiny.

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Thanks for reading our Week 16 Power Rankings!

-Brandon & Erick

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