Welcome to the 2017 NFL Power Rankings – Week 12

The playoff picture is starting to become more clear. Even though every team is not mathematically eliminated.

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Tier 1 – Dilly Dilly!

These teams are good, we should raise a glass to them and cheers!


1. Philadelphia Eagles 9i4edn75t
Record: 9-1
Last Game: W, 37-9 @ Cowboys
Next Game: Week 12 vs Bears
Last Week: 1

Brandon: Another dominating win for the Ealges, and it’s time for me to stop betting against them. Carson Wentz is so fucking good. How did the Browns think “yup, this isn’t the guy?”.

Erick: No one else in the NFC is on the Eagles level right now , and it looks like they’re heading to the Super Bowl.


2. New England Patriots  9i4edn75t
Record: 8-2
Last Game: W, 33-8 @ Raiders (Mexico City)
Next Game: Week 12 vs Dolphins
Last Week: 2

B: Apparently, it doesn’t matter what country the Patriots play in, they still kick ass. Obliterating the Raiders in Mexico just adds to their latest win streak.

E: Brady is still the god and the Pats are still the best team in the AFC, Nothing has changed.


3. Pittsburgh Steelers green_arrow_up
Record: 8-2
Last Game: W, 40-17 vs Titans (TNF)
Next Game: Week 12 vs Packers
Last Week: 4

B: The Steelers put up an impressive win on TNF against a playoff team (we think), as they look to keep pace with NE until their showdown.

E: If the Steelers can get the #1 seed, they can be the team to beat the Pats.

large4. Minnesota Vikings green_arrow_up
Record: 8-2
Last Game: W, 24-7 vs Rams
Next Game: Week 12 @ Lions (Thanksgiving)
Last Week: 5

B: Case Keenum for M…. I…. P! Most improved player of 2017 for sure. The defense is great and this team just overcomes. Now it’s time to see if Case can lead them to a first round bye.

E: If u don’t like what the Vikings have done this year, there must be something wrong with you.


5. New Orleans Saints green_arrow_up
Record: 8-2
Last Game: W, 34-31 vs Washington
Next Game: Week 12 @ Rams
Last Week: 6

B: The Saints just keep on winnings, even when they should lose. It seems to be breaking the Saints way right now, and they can RUN THE ROCK!

E:  I’m just going to keep saying I was really wrong about the Saints week in and week out.


6. Los Angeles Rams 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 7-3
Last Game: L, 7-24 @ Vikings
Next Game: Week 12 vs Saints
Last Week: 3

B: The Rams lose a tough one on the road, but are still in 1st in their division. Some big games coming up for the Rams, including one against the team ranked above them (in LA).

E: The Rams came up short against a really good Vikings team, and now we get to see how they respond.

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Tier 2 – Do You Smell Playoffs?


carolina_panthers_logo_20127. Carolina Panthers green_arrow_up
Record: 7-3
Last Game: Bye
Next Game: Week 12 @ Jets
Last Week: 9

Brandon: The Panthers are just chillin’ at 7-3, but I still don’t know what they are. Let’s see how this team plays coming off a bye. Greg Olsen is back for the stretch run, which is huge.

E: I don’t know what to make of this team this season but they are on track to make the playoffs and they still have Cam, so I got to say things aren’t too bad.


8. Jacksonville Jaguars green_arrow_up
Record: 7-3
Last Game: W, 19-7 @ Browns
Next Game: Week 12 @ Cardinals
Last Week: 11

B: The Jags have seemed to have figured out the winning formula. “Running plays + great defense – Bortles throwing = Winning”

E: They’re going to win the AFC South as long as they don’t ask Bortles to do much , but I don’t know how they win a playoff game with Bortles as the QB.


9. Atlanta Falcons green_arrow_up
Record: 6-4
Last Game: W, 34-31 @ Seahawks (MNF)
Next Game: Week 12 vs Buccaneers
Last Week: 13

B: Nice win on the road for Atlanta, showing they can actually score points in the NFL again. They control their fate at this point.

E: The Falcons are starting to get rolling at the perfect time, and could be scary come playoff time.


10. Kansas City Chiefs 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 6-4
Last Game: L, 9-12 @ Giants
Next Game: Week 12 vs Bills
Last Week: 7

B: The Chiefs put forward another stinker offensively, this time it cost them the game against the shitty NY Giants. Alex Smith has fallen from MVP consideration and Andy Reid is in prime form.

E: After starting off the season as the hottest team, The Chiefs have lost 3 out of 4 and for the first time are starting to look like a team that can miss the playoffs.


11. Seattle Seahawks  2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 6-4
Last Game: L, 31-34 vs Falcons (MNF)
Next Game: Week 12 @ 49ers
Last Week: 8

B: Seattle is still a game behind the Rams, but missed their chance to take the top spot in the division, and now find themselves on the outside looking in at the NFC playoff hunt (for now).

E: The Seahawks are trending downward, and they still don’t have a running game.

tennessee-titans-logo12. Tennessee Titans 9i4edn75t
Record: 6-4
Last Game: L, 17-40 @ Steelers (TNF)
Next Game: Week 12 @ Colts
Last Week: 12

B: The Titans didn’t look great on the road, but I’ll chalk that up to a wonky TNF game. This team is still in the lead for a wildcard spot, barring a Mariota injury.

E: The Titans got back on track and it looks like they’re going to either win the AFC South, or get one of the two wildcard spots.


13. Detroit Lions green_arrow_up
Record: 6-4
Last Game: W, 27-24 @ Bears
Next Game: Week 12 vs Vikings
Last Week: 14

B: The Lions are about to prove themselves on Thanksgiving against the 8-2 Vikings. This will determine the rest of the season for the Lions.

E: I didn’t expect a lot from the Lions, and they still might not make the playoffs.  But they still have a chance, and I have to admit I was wrong about them, and have to give them their props.


14. Baltimore Ravens green_arrow_up
Record: 5-5
Last Game: W, 23-0 @ Packers
Next Game: Week 12 vs Texans (MNF)
Last Week: 22

B: Hard to believe but this Ravens team is .500 and in the 6th seed. Flacco has gone from Super Bowl MVP to “Guy all fans want to be replaced”

E: The Ravens Defense is keeping them alive, and if Flacco can stay out of the way they can still make the playoffs.

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Tier 3 – Nice Try Charlie Brown

nice try



15. Los Angeles Chargers green_arrow_up
Record: 4-6
Last Game: W, 54-24 vs Bills
Next Game: Week 12 @ Cowboys (Thanksgiving)
Last Week: 19

B: The Chargers poured it on against the Bills and showcased the offensive firepower. Hard to understand why this team is two games under .500, oh wait (stares at head coach).

E: The Chargers have been the hottest team in the AFC West as of late , and even after the bad start to the season they still have a chance to win the AFC West, or get a wildcard spot.


16. Dallas Cowboys 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 5-5
Last Game: L, 9-37 vs Eagles
Next Game: Week 12 vs Chargers
Last Week: 10

B: The Cowboys are now 0-2 without Zeke and cannot afford to go 0-3. Thanksgiving showdown against the Chargers in the “Loser goes home” match.

E: The Cowboys can find a way to get in the playoffs even without Elliott, but they don’t have a chance if they don’t get Tyron Smith back soon.


17. Washington Football Team green_arrow_up
Record: 4-6
Last Game: L, 31-34 @ Saints
Next Game: Week 12 vs Giants (Thanksgiving)
Last Week: 18

B: The Washington Football team is exciting to watch, but they lose close games. Regardless, Kirk Cousins will get paid.

E: Washington is a good football team that has been on the wrong end of a lot of close games this season, but I don’t see how this team doesn’t take a big step backwards once Cousins leaves in the off-season.


18. Buffalo Bills 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 5-4
Last Game: L, 10-47 vs Saints
Next Game: Week 11 @ Chargers
Last Week: 15

B: The Bills are now starting Tyrod Taylor again after benching him for a dude who threw 5 interceptions in the first half.

E: Sean McDermott made an obviously bad decision by benching Tyrod for Peterman, and he needs to hope it didn’t cost him the locker room.


19. Green Bay Packers 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 5-5
Last Game: L, 0-24 vs Ravens
Next Game: Week 12 @ Steelers
Last Week: 16

B: The Packers got shut out AT HOME. (To the Ravens. AND FLACCO!) That doesn’t happen…ever. I hope Mike McCarthy is enjoying his decision to not sign Kaep.

E: Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t come back until they get rid of McCarthy.


20. Oakland Raiders 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 4-6
Last Game: L, 8-33 vs Patriots (Mexico City)
Next Game: Week 12 vs Broncos
Last Week: 17

B: The Raiders are just playing bad. I don’t understand it, and I think it’s time for the “Fire Del Rio” talks to begin, if they haven’t started already.

E: The Raiders have been a huge disappointment , but the way the AFC playoff picture looks this year, they still have a chance to turn things around.

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Tier 4 – Dead Teams Walking



21. Chicago Bears 9i4edn75t
Record: 3-7
Last Game: L, 24-27 vs Lions
Next Game: Week 12 @ Eagles
Last Week: 21

Brandon: The Bears can run the rock. Trubisky seems to be not that bad, so there is some hope for 2018.

Erick: This Bears team isn’t that good, but boy do they have heart. This is my favorite bad team to watch this season.


22. Houston Texans green_arrow_up
Record: 4-6
Last Game: W, 31-21 vs Cardinals
Next Game: Week 12 @ Ravens (MNF)
Last Week: 24

B: The Texans got back in the win column, but let’s not get it twisted, the Cardinals stink, and so does this team. So many injuries leaves a lot to wonder about the 2017 Texans.

E: I’m still not over the Watson injury, and it’s going to be hard for me to watch any Texans games the rest of the season.


23. Indianapolis Colts green_arrow_up
Record: 3-7
Last Game: Bye
Next Game: Week 12 vs Titans
Last Week: 26

B: The Colts have become spunkier, but maybe that’s because there are only 6 weeks left in Pagano’s existence as the Colts HC.

E: Fire Pagano, and hope Luck doesn’t demand a trade.


24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers green_arrow_up
Record: 4-6
Last Game: W, 30-20 @ Dolphins
Next Game: Week 12 @ Falcons
Last Week: 27

B: The question needs to be asked. Was Jameis really that hurt, or is he just not that good?

E: I want to believe that Jameis being hurt had to be one of the reasons why he was struggling because it’s weird to see this offense play better with Fitzpatrick.


25. New York Jets green_arrow_up
Record: 4-6
Last Game: Bye
Next Game: Week 12 vs Panthers
Last Week: 28

B: The Jets have proved that if they have ANY play-makers, they can be like the Bills (well, minus benching their best player for a 5th round rookie).

E: The Jets are a team that is a year away, but with that’s being said, the Jets are still in the playoff race this season.


26. Arizona Cardinals 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 4-6
Last Game: L, 21-31 @ Texans
Next Game: Week 12 vs Jaguars
Last Week: 25

B: Blaine Gabbert looked ok for about 5 minutes and then turned back into Blaine Gabbert. Cardinals made the right move to lose games, start Blaine.

E: The Cards lost to a bad Texans team, and I don’t know if Arians wants to stick around to rebuild next season.


27. Cincinnati Bengals green_arrow_up
Record: 4-6
Last Game: W, 20-17 @ Broncos
Next Game: Week 12 vs Browns
Last Week: 29

B: The Bengals are SOMEHOW in the playoff picture. I keep wanting to write them off, but at 4-6, they are right there. Will Dalton pull it together?

E: The Bengals were able to beat the Broncos , but nothing they did made me think they shouldn’t get rid of Dalton and Marvin Lewis in the offseason.


28. Miami Dolphins 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 4-6
Last Game: L, 20-30 vs Buccaneers
Next Game: Week 12 @ Patriots
Last Week: 23

B: Another team that is somehow in the playoff picture. The Dolphins have lost 4 straight, and are just bad at football.

E: The Dolphins aren’t dead yet, and surprisingly enough they might be better now that Cutler is hurt.

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Tier 5 – Burned Turkeys



29. Denver Broncos 9i4edn75t
Record: 3-7
Last Game: L, 17-20 vs Bengals
Next Game: Week 12 @ Raiders
Last Week: 20

Brandon: Denver has now lost 6 straight. They are 3-7, and are starting Paxton Lynch, which is their 3rd QB of the season. This team had Super Bowl hopes. Wow.

Erick: This team is a mess, and Elway is going to have to start taking responsibility. He can’t just blame the coaching staff.


30. San Francisco 49ers 9i4edn75t
Record: 1-9
Last Game: Bye
Next Game: Week 12 vs Seahawks
Last Week: 30

B: The 49ers are still contemplating starting Jimmy G. They clearly want to lose games, get picks, and start over in 2018.

E: The Niners can’t play the Giants every week, so they might have won their last game this season.


31. New York Giants 9i4edn75t
Record: 2-9
Last Game: W, 12-9 vs Chiefs
Next Game: Week 12 @ Washington (Thanksgiving)
Last Week: 31

B: The Giants defense finally stepped up, too bad it was after they were 1-8.

E: The Giants won last week, but it was more that the Chiefs did everything possible to lose the game.


32. Cleveland Browns 9i4edn75t
Record: 0-9
Last Game: L, 24-38 @ Lions
Next Game: Week 11 vs Jaguars
Last Week: 32

B: The Browns have been 0-10 in consecutive seasons. It’s just pathetic at this point. Some good news…Josh Gordon is finally at practice.

E: I have run out of ways to describe how bad the Browns are . So I’ll just say that the Browns are still the worst team in the league.

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-Brandon & Erick

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