Welcome to the 2017 NFL Power Rankings – Week 9

Better Late than never! We are eight weeks into the NFL Season and things are finally starting to get more clear. We kind-of know who is good, and we FOR SURE know who sucks. Read our thoughts heading into Week 9 as we rank each NFL team.

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Where did your team end up?

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Tier 1 – The Best, I Guess



1. New England Patriots  9i4edn75t
Record: 6-2
Last Game: W, 21-13 vs Chargers
Next Game: Bye
Last Week: 1

Brandon: The Pats move Jimmy G, which puts all the pressure on Brady, and he loves it. Pats still look like the best team in the league, but not far and away.

Erick: The Defense hasn’t given up a lot of points lately, and Tom Brady is still the QB. That is enough to make the Pats the best team in the league right now.


2. Philadelphia Eagles green_arrow_up
Record: 7-1
Last Game: W, 33-10 vs 49ers
Next Game: Week 9 vs Broncos
Last Week: 3

B: The Eagles have one loss, and should have their division wrapped up. New addition Jay Ajayi should provide some toughness and ease off Carson.

E: The Eagles keep winning, and look like the favorites to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.


3. Pittsburgh Steelers green_arrow_up
Record: 6-2
Last Game: W, 20-15 @ Lions
Next Game: Bye
Last Week: 4

B: The Steelers barely won on SNF, but a win is a win. The Steelers will win their division, barring a miracle/disaster (however you look at it).

E: The Steelers have been able to wake up offensively, and are one of the few teams that are starting to separate from the rest.


4. Kansas City Chiefs 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 6-2
Last Game: W, 29-19 vs Broncos (MNF)
Next Game: Week 9 @ Cowboys
Last Week: 2

B: The Chiefs allowed the QB-less Broncos to hang around, so they drop. However, KC is still a beast and should be scary come playoff time.

E: Good Divisional win against the Broncos to get the Chiefs back on track. KC has been a top 5 team all year long.


5. Los Angeles Rams green_arrow_up
Record: 5-2
Last Game: Bye
Next Game: Week 9 @ Giants
Last Week: 5

B: The Rams had a bye week, but are still a top 5 team in the league. They will be in a battle for the Division all season long, if Goff can keep it up.

E: The Rams had a bye week, so they didn’t move up or down, but there wasn’t a team that did enough to knock them out of the top 5 yet.


6. Seattle Seahawks  green_arrow_up
Record: 5-2
Last Game: W, 41-38 vs Texans
Next Game: Week 9 vs Washington
Last Week: 7

B: The Seahawks pulled out a great, late win at home against Houston. Their passing game is back, and they just got another O-Lineman. If they find a RB, they can win the SB.

E: The Seahawks continue to look like they are getting better, and better as the season goes on. They were able to win a shootout against the Texans, and were able to keep things rolling.

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Tier 2 – Do You Smell Playoffs?


large7. Minnesota Vikings 9i4edn75t
Record: 6-2
Last Game: W, 33-16 vs Browns (London)
Next Game: Bye
Last Week: 7

Brandon: The Vikings got in done in London and now have a bye. Teddy could be back soon, but Case Keenum is playing great (for Case Keenum).

Erick: The Vikings have been able to remain the Top Dogs in the NFC North, no matter who is playing QB.


8. Buffalo Bills green_arrow_up
Record: 5-2
Last Game: W, 34-14 vs Raiders
Next Game: Week 9 @ Jets (TNF)
Last Week: 11

B: The Bills are good, and are going for it. Trading for Kelvin Benjamin to give Tyrod another weapon.

E: Buffalo is surprising everyone. This team was expected to tank, but instead they added Kelvin Benjamin and have gone all in. Mad Respect for the Bills!


9. Houston Texans 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 3-4
Last Game: L, 38-41 @ Seahawks
Next Game: Week 9 @ Colts
Last Week: 8

B: DeShaun Watson. Again, he makes magic but the Texans lose a heartbreaker. I wish they weren’t 3-4 because this team is good.

E: Houston lost a tough game on the road in Seattle, but Houston is still one of the few teams in the league with a good defense, and a competent QB.

NOTE: DeShaun Watson tore his ACL in practice on 11/2/17 =(

carolina_panthers_logo_201210. Carolina Panthers 9i4edn75t
Record: 5-3
Last Game: W, 17-3 @ Bucs
Next Game: Week 9 vs Falcons
Last Week: 10

B: I really want to write the Panthers off, but their record and schedule won’t let me.

E: Just like the Falcons, the Panthers shouldn’t be in the mix, but here they are. They still have Cam, but I don’t know If he’s going to turn things around this year.

11. atlanta_falcons_logo-svgAtlanta Falcons 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 4-3
Last Game: W, 25-20 @ Jets
Next Game: Week 9 @ Panthers
Last Week: 9

B: (See Above, just replace Panthers with Falcons)

E: Any other year the Falcons would be done, but the way this season is going, Atlanta can still turn things around.


12. New Orleans Saints green_arrow_up
Record: 5-2
Last Game: W, 20-12 vs Bears
Next Game: Week 9 vs Bucs
Last Week: 14

B: I’m sure people can debate the Saints should be higher, and maybe they should be.

E: The Saints are still alive, and I still can’t believe it. Props to the Saints (for now).


13. Dallas Cowboys green_arrow_up
Record: 4-3
Last Game: W, 33-19 @ Washington
Next Game: Week 9 vs Chiefs
Last Week: 18

B: The Cowboys seem to be heading back towards our initial expectations, but again, the Zeke thing is hanging and he might miss the next 6.

E: Dallas was able to win a good divisional game to get back on track, but the news that Elliott’s suspension was reinstated, could get them off track again.


14. Jacksonville Jaguars 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 4-3
Last Game: Bye
Next Game: Week 9 vs Bengals
Last Week: 12

B: The Jags have the formula to win, circa 2000. However, it’s working now, and I see them making the postseason.

E: I can’t understand how the Jaguars weren’t able to get Garoppolo. The Jags are going to be in the hunt all year long, and Bortles is going to let them down in the end.

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Tier 3 – The Unknown

What are these teams? Are they bad? Decent? We have no idea…


15. Denver Broncos 9i4edn75t
Record: 3-4
Last Game: L, 19-29 @ Chiefs (MNF)
Next Game: Week 9 @ Eagles
Last Week: 15

Brandon: The Broncos are starting Brock again. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Erick: I couldn’t trust the Broncos with Siemian, and if they start Lynch, or Osweiler, I will trust them even less. It’s a shame that the Broncos are letting this great defense go to waste, with bad QB play.


16. Washington Football Team 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 3-4
Last Game: L, 19-33 vs Cowboys
Next Game: Week 9 @ Seahawks
Last Week: 13

B: The Skins had their chances, but look like they won’t be making the postseason. AND they may have to pay Kirk after all.

E: The Cowboys might have just eliminated Washington from playoff contention, bad L for Washington.


17. Green Bay Packers 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 4-3
Last Game: Bye
Next Game: Week 9 vs Lions (MNF)
Last Week: 16

B: The Packers come out of the bye wishing Aaron Rodgers was healthy.

E: The way the Vikings are playing right now, Aaron Rodgers might not be able to return in time to save the Packers this season.

tennessee-titans-logo18. Tennessee Titans 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 4-3
Last Game: Bye
Next Game: Week 9 vs Ravens
Last Week: 17

B: Titans needed a bye, well, mainly Mariota. I’m surprised he didn’t get injured on his day off.

E: Still not dead, but still nowhere near the team I thought they would be.


19. Detroit Lions green_arrow_up
Record: 3-4
Last Game: L, 15-20 vs Steelers
Next Game: Week 9 @ Packers (MNF)
Last Week: 20

B: The Lions do what they do best. Gain a ton of yards, not score in the redzone and lose the game.

E: Detroit has hit a wall, and it doesn’t look like they’re getting back up.


20. Los Angeles Chargers green_arrow_up
Record: 3-5
Last Game: L, 13-21 @ Patriots
Next Game:
Last Week: 22

B: This group hangs around but is still lacking something. They could push for the postseason, but their window is closing within a week with another L.

E: The Chargers might be better on the road, then at home this season. They were able to stay competitive with the Pats on the road, but could not win the game. Unfortunately for the Chargers, the winning streak came to an end.


21. New York Jets green_arrow_up
Record: 3-5
Last Game: L, 20-25 vs Falcons
Next Game: Week 9 vs Bills (TNF)
Last Week: 23

B: The Jets play their asses off. Mike Lombardi called them a “55-minute team”. McCown is solid until the 56th minute.

E: The Jets are a tough out , even for good teams, but they still are lacking the QB to take them to the next level.


22. Chicago Bears green_arrow_up
Record: 3-5
Last Game: L, 12-20 @ Saints
Next Game: Bye
Last Week: 24

B: Da Bears are not that bad and hung in there with the Saints. Mitch can run, but I want to see him throw.

E: I wish the Bears were better, because they’re still playing competitive football, but they’re not a team that can close out games right now.


23. Baltimore Ravens 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 4-4
Last Game: W, 40-0 vs Dolphins (TNF)
Next Game: Week 9 @ Titans
Last Week: 25

B: This team is so damn inconsistent, but there is one thing that is consistent…I don’t trust them.

E: Winning is good, but beating the Dolphins doesn’t get you props. Baltimore is still a team that should not be trusted, Flacco doesn’t seem right at all.

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Tier 4 – Welcome to Shitsville

giphy (3)


24. Miami Dolphins green_arrow_up
Record: 4-3
Last Game: L, 0-40 @ Ravens (TNF)
Next Game: Week 9 vs Raiders (MNF)
Last Week: 25


E: Any team that gets beat up by the Ravens is not good, even if they have a 4-3 record.


25. Cincinnati Bengalsgreen_arrow_up
Record: 3-4
Last Game: W, 24-23 vs Colts
Next Game: Week 9 @ Jaguars
Last Week: 27

B: The Bengals record has me interested, but they need to beat a very tough opponent in Jacksonville for me to stay interested.

E: Don’t let the win against the terrible Colts fool you, the Bengals still aren’t good, and they need to blow things up.


26. Oakland Raiders 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 3-5
Last Game: L, 14-33 @ Bills
Next Game: Week 9 @ Dolphins (MNF)
Last Week: 19

B: The Raiders have gone 1-5 since Marshawn danced on the sideline, and might just add another L, in primetime no less.

E: The Raiders are lost, they can’t seem to figure things out on the defensive end, and they can’t seem to get both Star receivers playing well in the same game.


27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 2-5
Last Game: L, 3-17 vs Panthers
Next Game: Week 9 @ Saints
Last Week: 27

B: The Bucs stink and someone must go. Probably the person who calls the plays, because this offense should not be this bad.

E: Even if they get rid of their head coach now ( which they should) it’s too late to save the season. The Bucs are massively underachieving, and they have to make the changes necessary to avoid underachieving next season.


28. Arizona Cardinals9i4edn75t
Record: 3-4
Last Game: Bye
Next Game: Week 9 @ 49ers
Last Week: 28

B: The Cards season is just about to be over. No Carson Palmer for the rest of the year = no hope.

E: The Cards might have already won all the games they’re going to win this season. It’s hard to see any other games left that this team can win, besides maybe the 49ers and Giants.


29. Indianapolis Colts 9i4edn75t
Record: 2-6
Last Game: L, 23-24 @ Bengals
Next Game: Week 9 @ Texans
Last Week: 26

B: Finally. We have the official word from the Colts that Luck is on IR. Like we all didn’t see this tank job from a mile away.

E: </strongThis team is bad without Andrew Luck, and that is obvious. But this team is starting to look so bad, that Andrew Lucks might not ever say he’s healthy enough to join this team again.

new_york_giants_logo-svg30. New York Giants 9i4edn75t
Record: 1-6
Last Game: Bye
Next Game: Week 9 vs Rams
Last Week: 30

B: Odell is still hurt, so this team has zero shot to win. Eli survived the deadline, but you wonder how many more starts he makes.

E: Maybe now that the 49ers signed a QB, the Giants can make a push for the 2nd overall pick in the draft.


31. San Francisco 49ers 9i4edn75t
Record: 0-8
Last Game: L, 10-33 @ Eagles
Next Game: Week 9 vs Cardinals
Last Week: 31

B: The 49ers shocked the world by trading for Jimmy Garappolo. The handsome QB has won the hearts of all the female fans, but will he save the franchise?

E: Signing Jimmy G is huge for the 49ers, but until they prove otherwise, this team is still going to be terrible this year.


32. Cleveland Browns 9i4edn75t
Record: 0-7
Last Game: L, 16-33 vs Vikings (London)
Next Game: Bye
Last Week: 32

B: The Browns are so bad they can’t even trade for a QB in time. FUCK…I feel for the real Browns fans. This is a shitshow and should be it’s own category, which is horrible because the team above them has ZERO wins.

E: The Browns are terrible, and it seems like they’re doing everything they can to avoid finding a good QB.

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Thanks for reading our Week 9 Power Rankings!

-Brandon & Erick

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