Welcome to the 2017 NFL Power Rankings – Week 2

Here we are…Week 2 of the NFL Season. Join our podcast hosts Brandon and Erick as they rank each team based off of what happened in the previous week.

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Where did your team end up?

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Tier 1 – Leaders of the Pack

leaders of the pack.gif


1. Green Bay Packers green_arrow_up
Record: 1-0
Last Game: W, 17-9 vs Seahawks
Next Game: Week 2 @ Falcons
Last Week: 3

Brandon: The Packers are good, AND lucky. Rodgers negated pick-six really turned that game. Still, beating Seattle is always a positive thing and Jordy looked like he was in mid-season form.

Erick: They didn’t have the prettiest of wins this week, but they were able to score enough to beat a tough Seattle defense.  The Packers defense looked pretty solid against the Seahawks, but time will tell if they are that good, or Seattle’s O-Line is just that bad.


2. Kansas City Chiefs 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 1-0
Last Game: W, 42-26 @ Patriots (TNF)
Next Game: Week 2 vs Eagles
Last Week: 5

B: Well, I didn’t expect that! Alex Smith looked completely unlike the game-manager tag he has earned over his career. The Chiefs have two weapons perfect alongside him in Tyreek Hill & rookie sensation Kareem Hunt.

E: Alex the gun slinger! Alex smith is supposed to be the reason the Chiefs lose games. If he continues to play like this, the Chiefs will be the team to beat in the AFC.


3. New England Patriots  2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 0-1
Last Game: L, 27-42 vs Chiefs (TNF)
Next Game: Week 2 @ Saints
Last Week: 1

B: There goes the 16-0 season…jk. This team was never going undefeated. While I didn’t learn much from the Patriots, Gronk did look a little bit old.

E: I guess they won’t go undefeated, but they still will win 12 games, unless they play the Chiefs every week. The Pats do need to figure out a way to get pressure on the QB soon, if they plan on defending their championship.


4. Oakland Raiders green_arrow_up
Record: 1-0
Last Game: W, 26-16 @ Titans
Next Game: Week 2 vs Jets
Last Week: 8

B: DA RAAIDEERRRS! That’s all I heard in Los Angeles this week as the Raiders look like they may be primed for a deep postseason run. Lynch adds some much needed toughness on the field, and a chill vibe on the sideline.

E: This offense still hasn’t slowed down, and if they can keep improving defensively they will be a serious contender to win the AFC and get to the Super Bowl.

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Tier 2 – Damn Good, but Flawed



5. Pittsburgh Steelers 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 1-0
Last Game: W, 21-18 @ Browns
Next Game: Week 2 vs Vikings
Last Week: 4

B: The Steelers did just enough to win this game. Literally nothing on the ground as maybe Le’Veon wasn’t used to playing in Week 1. Antonio Brown was though, coming out with a performance that leaves fantasy owners proud.

Erick: They had a typical tough Divisional game against the Browns, but this Offense still might be the best in the league.


6. Dallas Cowboys 9i4edn75t
Record: 1-0
Last Game: W, 19-3 vs Giants
Next Game: Week 2 @ Broncos
Last Week: 6

B: So much for the Zeke “distraction” as the Cowboys rolled on Sunday Night. Dak looked like an All-Pro QB and Zeke got over 100 yards again. Their defense looked fast and quick, and they will go as Sean Lee goes.

E: Elliott and Prescott still continue to look good for the Cowboys, and the Cowboys still look like one of the better teams in the league.

7. Seattle Seahawks  2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 0-1seattle_seahawks_vector_logo-svg
Last Game: L, 9-17 @ Packers
Next Game: Week 2 vs 49ers
Last Week: 2

B: Tough loss for Seattle on the road, as they had to overcome shoddy offensive line play, and referee play. Russell Wilson will be running horizontally a lot this season, and that prevents him from making vertical plays. Defense looked elite, as usual.

E: The Seahawks are still one of the better teams in the league for now, and shouldn’t get docked too much for losing against the Packers, but if they don’t get better O-Line play soon they will struggle to score on anyone.


8. Atlanta Falcons 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 1-0
Last Game: W, 23-17 @ Bears
Next Game: Week 2 vs Packers
Last Week: 7

B: The Falcons did not impress me in their road win against the Bears. Sure it’s early, but what kind of power rankings would this be without an overreaction. I also think the Falcons will fall back to the 9 win total.

E: They seemed to have a tougher time than expected against the Bears on the road, but still won the game. They get to play at home week 2, but they get the Packers.

9. Minnesota Vikings green_arrow_up
Record: 1-0large
Last Game: W, 29-19 vs Saints
Next Game: Week 2 @ Steelers
Last Week: 21

B: Dalvin Cook made Adrian Peterson a very jealous man, as he set the Vikings rookie record for yards. Sam Bradford looked like a QB who wants to throw it, and with that defense….Vikings could be better than I thought.

E: AP Who? Rookie running back Dalvin Cook looked to be ready to take over for the Vikings. The Vikings still have a great Defense, and they look to have a good running game.  If Bradford can stay out of the way, the Vikings are going to be a scary team.

10. Baltimore Ravens green_arrow_up
Record: 1-0Baltimore_Ravens_Logo
Last Game: W, 20-0 @ Bengals
Next Game: Week 2 vs Browns
Last Season: 20

B: The Ravens ran the ball 40 times in Week 1. That says everything you need to know about the health of Joe Flacco.

E: This Ravens Defense looked like a Championship Defense, the pressure to stay healthy is really on Flacco’s Shoulders, or should I say back.

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Tier 3 – There’s a Chance!


11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9i4edn75t
tampa_bay_buccaneers_2014Record: 0-0
Next Game: Week 2 vs Bears
Last Week: 11

Brandon: The Bucs now play 16 straight games after being forced to have a bye week due to Hurricane Irma. Now it’s time for Jameis to shine against a weak Bears defense.

Erick: Same note as the Dolphins, but I have a lot more faith in Jameis than I do in Cutler.

12. Denver Broncos 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 0-1Denver_Broncos_logo.svg.png
Last Game: W, 27-24 vs Chargers (MNF)
Next Game: Week 2 vs Cowboys
Last Week: 10

B: Denver looked pretty good at times on Monday Night, and then they looked mediocre. Von Miller still plays there, so the defense will keep it close every night. It all depends on Seimian, and I don’t like those odds.

E: Siemian at least is better than Brock, but that’s not saying much.  That being said, if the Broncos can get something out of Siemian, they’re going to be a tough out in the AFC.

13. Miami Dolphins green_arrow_up
Record: 0-04105_miami_dolphins-primary-2013
Last Game: BYE
Next Game: Week 2 @ Chargers
Last Week: 23

B: Miami was another team that was forced to have a bye week due to the Hurricane and now has to play 16 games in a row. Luckily, they have smokin’ Jay Cutler, who is ready for anything.

E: The can’t lose if they don’t play.  Let’s how see how much they fall once we see Cutler in action.

14. Carolina Panthers green_arrow_up
Record: 1-0carolina_panthers_logo_2012
Last Game: W, 23-3 @ 49ers
Next Game: Week 2 vs Bills
Last Week: 15

B: Nice job beating the lowly 49ers, kind of. Cam looked a bit off, missing open players he usually doesn’t. McCaffrey got the ball a lot, but didn’t do much. Defensively, they are good enough to beat anyone.

E: Cam and the Panthers Offense still looks to be figuring things out, but rookie RB McCaffrey looks to be a big part of their plans. They looked rusty at times against a bad 49ers team, but were still able to win the game.

15. Detroit Lions green_arrow_up
Record: 0-1detroit_lions_logo
Last Game: W, 35-23 vs Cardinals
Next Game: Week 2 @ Giants (MNF)
Last Week: 18

B: The Lions looked like the Lions in the first half, and then Matt Stafford (who is very rich, btw) came from behind and threw four touchdowns in a victory. Big test for this offense against a stingy Giants defense on MNF.

E: Matthew Stafford got paid this off-season, and paid the Lions back with one of his typical 4th quarter comebacks to get the DUB.

16. Tennessee Titans 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 0-1tennessee-titans-logo
Last Game: L, 16-26 vs Raiders
Next Game: Week 2 @ Jaguars
Last Week: 12

B: The Titans lost to a very good Raider team, but they had their chances. Mariota looks ready to go, and with a division title as the goal, the Titans don’t want to start 0-2.

E: The Titans got off to a good start, but the Raiders Defense was able to stop this promising offense. The Titans shouldn’t beat themselves up too much because they lost to a very good Raiders team. Let’s see if, and how they bounce back.

17. Philadelphia Eagles 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 1-0philadelphia_eagle_logo
Last Game: W, 30-17 @ Washington
Next Game: Week 2 @ Chiefs
Last Week: 16

B: I am actually punishing this team for winning on the road. The Eagles looked solid against a bad Washington team, but the upcoming game against the Chiefs will tell us all a whole lot. Carson looks like a veteran out there.

E: Wentz got off to a good start, and it looks like he might have something there with Agholor. The Eagles still have a lot of work to do before they can compete with the Cowboys in the NFC East.

18. Los Angeles Chargers 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 0-15505_los_angeles__chargers-alternate-2017.png
Last Game: L, 21-24 @ Broncos (MNF)
Next Game: Week 2 vs Dolphins
Last Week: 17

B: Chargers looked mediocre in the first half, and then looked like a playoff team in the second half. Once Rivers figures out a way to play a full game, watch out. Oh wait, it’s year 14?

E: The Bolts weren’t too electric against the Broncos, but Melvin Gordon was able to get a TD, and it’s good to see Keenan Allen back on the field.

19. New York Giants 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 0-1new_york_giants_logo-svg
Last Game: L, 3-19 @ Cowboys
Next Game: Week 2 vs Lions (MNF)
Last Week: 9

B: Eli and the Giants looked very small on Sunday night on prime-time. They sure missed WR Odell Beckham Jr, who is in line for a very hefty payday. Another prime-time game on the deck for the Giants.

E: If it wasn’t for Brandon (we disagreed on this one the most) this team would be ranked even lower. The Giants are anemic on offense without OBJ.

20. Houston Texans 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 0-1Houston_Texans_Logo
Last Game: L, 7-29 vs Jaguars
Next Game: Week 2 @ Bengals (TNF)
Last Week: 14

B: Texans tried out Tom Savage, and to no one’s surprise, he was utterly NOT Savage and was replaced by halftime. Now, it’s up the Rookie DeShaun Watson, on Thursday Night Football.

E: If Watson can be somewhat decent, the Texans have a chance.  They still have a super stacked defense, and play in the not so tough AFC South

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Tier 4: Bad….but Not Bad

not unpleasant.gif

21. Jacksonville Jaguars green_arrow_up
Record: 1-0Jacksonville_Jaguars.svg
Last Game: W, 29-7 @ Texans
Next Game: Week 2 vs Titans
Last Week: 28

Brandon: As soon as I write off the Jaguars, they show up. They still have Bortles at the QB position, but this defense is finally legit. Huge upcoming game for the Jags to take a big two game jump on the division.

Erick: Who says you need a QB to win in this league?  The Jags are on a mission to show you, that QB play is optional. They’re going with the Run the Rock and play great Defense scheme.

22. Buffalo Bills green_arrow_upBuffalo_Bills_Logo
Record: 1-0
Last Game: W, 21-12 vs Jets
Next Game: Week 2 @ Panthers
Last Week: 26

B: Tyrod Taylor looked good, and most importantly, healthy. Sure, it was against the Jets…but a win is a win. Bills fans will take it, because there may not be many more.

E: I believe in Tyrod! But that’s it, the Bills shouldn’t get too much credit for beating a really bad Jets team.


23. Los Angeles Rams green_arrow_up
Record: 1-0
Last Game: W, 46-9 vs Colts
Next Game: Week 2 vs Washington
Last Week: 29

B: The Rams looked like a real football team finally. Jared Goff looked beyond competent at the QB position, and now Aaron Donald is returning. Could be a good start for one of the Los Angeles teams. Two home games in a row sure helps.

E: This Defense can be really good this season, but I’m still not sold on Goff, and the Rams. They don’t get to play the Colts every week.

24. Washington Football Team 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 0-1washington_redskins_1000
Last Game: L, 17-30 vs Eagles
Next Game: Week 2 @ Rams
Last Week: 22

B: Washington showed all the signs of a sub .500 team. The schedule gets more difficult, going to the West coast to face the Rams. They need more out of Kirk Cousins in order to climb out of this spot. A lot more.

E: Cousins looked like he sure missed D Jax, and Garcon. Terrell Pryor had some big drops, and it doesn’t seem like he is on the same page with Cousins yet.

25. Cleveland Browns green_arrow_up
2000px-Cleveland_Browns_B.svgRecord: 0-1
Last Game: L, 18-21 vs Steelers
Next Game: Week 2 @ Ravens
Last Week: 31

B: These are NOT the Browns from 2016. This team showed spunk and heart, and Deshone Kizer looked kind-of good! To quote Borat, “Nice!”.

E: They competed with a good Steelers team, and are not the worst team in the league after week 1.  Good times in Cleveland #babysteps.

26. New Orleans Saints 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 0-1200px-new_orleans_saints_svg
Last Game: L, 19-29 @ Vikings (MNF)
Next Game: Week 2 vs Patriots
Last Week: 25

B: The Adrian Peterson tenure seems destined to end sooner rather than later. The Saints were able to move the ball a bit, but it’s the same old story with them: not a lot of defense.

E: The Saints still can’t defend anyone, they will still be able to score points on teams, but the Defense will let them down all season.

27. Cincinnati Bengalsclipart-download-funny-football-team-pics-and-amusing-football-clipart-9W4z20-clipart 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 0-1
Last Game: L, 0-20 vs Ravens
Next Game: Week 2 vs Texans (TNF)
Last Week: 19

B: Andy Dalton…What were you thinking? Actually, what was I thinking? This team stinks, and it’s up to Joe Mixon to provide the much needed spark on offense. This could be the blow it up and rebuild year.

E: Horrible O-Line play, and Andy giving the ball away. This is going to be a long season for the Bengals.

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Tier 5 – Already Playoff Eliminated

28. Chicago Bears 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
ktmkrakmcRecord: 0-1
Last Game: L, 17-23 vs Falcons
Next Game: Week 2 @ Buccaneers
Last Week: 28

Brandon: Chicago did not look bad against Atlanta, with rookie RB Tarik Cohen stealing the show (and carries). Glennon looked very, very average.

Erick: Howard, and Cohen showed that they can be a nice duo in the back field. If Trubisky can turn out to be a good QB, the Bears might have some nice pieces for the future, but that won’t be enough to have success this season.

29. Arizona Cardinalsarizona_cardinals_logo.png 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 0-1
Last Game: L, 23-35 @ Lions
Next Game: Week 2 @ Colts
Last Week: 13

B: Oops. Ranking the Cardinals at 13 was a huge mistake. Carson Palmer looks awfully old, and now David Johnson is out at least 8 weeks. Welcome back to the bottom of the barrel, Cardinals!

E: Carson is done, done, and done. Since the Cards did not have a backup plan at QB, their chances to make the playoffs are also done.

30. San Francisco 49ers 9i4edn75t
san_francisco_49ers_logoRecord: 0-1
Last Game: L, 3-23 vs Carolina
Next Game: Week 2 @ Seahawks
Last Week: 30

B: Was that game 17 of the 2016 season? That 49ers team looked almost exactly the same as last year’s team. Offensively brutal. Foster was a bright spot, but is now hurt so we will see him in 6 weeks.

E: The Defense showed potential, but the offense is still horrible. Shanahan’s magic hasn’t rubbed off on Hoyer yet (don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen any time soon).

31. Indianapolis Colts 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 0-1indianapolis-colts-logo
Last Game: L, 9-46 vs Rams
Next Game: Week 2 vs. Cardinals
Last Week: 24

B:  This Colts team is horrible without Andrew Luck. Scott Tolzein is not an NFL QB, and that was evident on Sunday as the Rams scored 46 points. THE RAMS!

E: The Colts looked as bad as you would expect without Luck. Until Luck returns, the Colts will compete with the JETS for the bottom spot.

32. New York Jets 9i4edn75t
200px-New_York_Jets_logo_svgRecord: 0-1
Last Game: L, 12-21 @ Bills
Next Game: Week 2 vs. Raiders
Last Week: 32

B: Good News – the Jets game went exactly as expected. Bad News – The Jets game went exactly as expected. Defense showed some spark though.

E: The Jets are the bottom of the barrel after week 1. NO QB, and NO hope.

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