NFL Power Rankings: Week 15

Welcome to the Week 15 NFL Power Rankings!

There are only three weeks of NFL Football left, so this is make or break time for most NFL teams. Our podcast hosts Brandon & Erick have debated and determined the NFL power structure below. All teams have been divided into different tiers. Enjoy and debate below!

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Current Playoff Match-ups

Full 2016 NFL Standings

1. New England Patriots (10-2) 1st Rd Bye
2. Kansas City Chiefs (10-3) 1st Rd Bye
3. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5) vs. 6. Denver Broncos (8-5)
4. Houston Texans (7-6) vs. 5. Oakland Raiders (10-3)

1. Dallas Cowboys* (11-2) 1st Rd Bye
2. Seattle Seahawks (841) 1st Rd Bye
3. Detroit Lions (9-4) vs. 6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-5)
4. Atlanta Falcons (8-5) vs. 5. New York Giants (9-4)

Tier 1 – The Best There Is

best there is.gif

1. New England Patriots  green_arrow_up
Record: 11-2
200px-New_England_Patriots_logo_svgLast Game: W, 30-23 vs. Ravens
Last Week: 2

Brandon: New England now has the top spot in the AFC, and in the NFL. Brady looks as sharp as ever as the Patriots don’t seem to miss Gronk that much.

Erick: We can all thank Roger Goodell for the Pats performance this season.

2. Dallas Cowboys 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 11-2dallas_cowboys_logo
Last Game: L, 7-10 @ Giants
Last Week: 1

Brandon: Cowboys lose a tough one to the Giants, but should still take homefield throughout the NFC playoffs. Dak looking like a Rookie the last 3 games.

Erick: Losing to the Giants doesn’t drop them much, but they better beat the Bucs this week, or else it can start to be panic time.

3. Kansas City Chiefs 9i4edn75t
Record: 10-3chiefs
Last Game: W, 21-13 vs. Raiders
Last Week: 3

Brandon: KC is now one game back of a #1 seed and having the AFC go through Arrowhead. Chiefs needs the Broncos to do them a solid.

Erick: Even though I have them ranked #3 overall, they still might be better than we think.

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Tier 2 – The Very, Very Good Teams


4. Oakland Raiders 9i4edn75t
Record: 10-3oakland_raiders
Last Game: L, 13-21 @ Chiefs
Last Week: 4

Brandon: Raiders have a nice bounce-back game laid out for them in sunny San Diego.

Erick: Losing to the Chiefs is nothing to be ashamed of, but I am interested to see how they bounce back against the Chargers this week.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers green_arrow_up
Record: 8-5Pittsburgh_Steelers_logo.svg
Last Game: W, 27-20 @ Bills
Last Week: 6

B: Four in a row for the Steelers as they now are in sole possession of first in the AFC North. Le’Veon Bell’s 3 touchdowns were a sight for sore eyes.

E: They’re starting to get to peak form , and the rest of the league should be worried.

6. Seattle Seahawks  2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 8-4-1seattle_seahawks_vector_logo-svg
Last Game: L, 10-38 vs. Packers
Last Week: 5

B: Seahawks are the most inconsistent team of all the contenders. A weak division will help them get a playoff spot.

E: Horrible play from Wilson this week, but they get the Rams, Cardinals, and 49ers to end the season. They better hope they can get their offense rolling by the time the playoffs start.

7. Atlanta Falcons 9i4edn75t
Record: 8-5atlanta_falcons_logo-svg
Last Game: W, 42-14 @ Rams
Last Week: 7

B: Atlanta lit up the scoreboard in Los Angeles and helped the Rams fire Jeff Fisher (not really, but maybe?).

E: They Should win their next three games to clinch the Division, but the Bucs are not going to make it easy on them.

8. New York Giants green_arrow_up
Record: 9-4new_york_giants_logo-svg
Last Game: W, 10-7 vs. Cowboys
Last Week: 10

B: Giants came up with a huge win against first place Cowboys, and now own the season series…and perhaps mental advantage. Division title still in play, but unlikely.

E: After sweeping the Cowboys, they have a chance to go in to the playoffs being the only team to beat the Cowboys this season.

9. Detroit Lions 9i4edn75t
Record: 9-4detroit_lions_logo
Last Game: W, 28-13 @ Saints
Last Week: 9

B: Lions getting it done, on the road, to keep a two-game lead in the NFC North. Fighting with Seattle for the #2 seed (.5 games back).

E: Still in 1st place, but it is getting more realistic that the Packers can catch them.

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Tier 3 – On the Playoff Bubble


10. Baltimore Ravens green_arrow_up
Record: 7-6Baltimore_Ravens_Logo
Last Game: L, 23-30 @ Patriots
Last Week: 11

Brandon: Even though Ravens lost, they proved they can compete and hang amongst the NFL’s better teams. Sadly a 7-6 record does not get it done.

Erick: Tough loss to the Pats this week, but they should bounce back against the Eagles this week.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers green_arrow_up
tampa_bay_buccaneers_2014Record: 8-5
Last Game: W, 16-11 vs. Saints
Last Week: 12

B: Tampa Bay won in ugly fashion to maintain pace with the Falcons. Bucs have a tough one on deck, SNF against the Cowboys.

E: The Bucs are one of the hottest teams in the league riding a 5 game win streak, the Cowboys are the perfect test this week.

12. Denver Broncos 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 8-5Denver_Broncos_logo.svg.png
Last Game: L, 10-13 @ Titans
Last Week: 9

B: Denver losing to the Titans proves that they are not yet at the KC/OAK level of football. However, a chance to prove themselves against NE and KC is up next.

E: They can’t run the ball anymore.

13. Green Bay Packers green_arrow_up
green_bay_packers_logoRecord: 7-6
Last Game: W, 38-10 vs. Seahawks
Last Week: 14

B: Welcome back Packers offense! Green Bay now one game back of the 6th seed, two games behind Detroit for the division.

E: Huge win against Seattle, The Packers can still win the NFC North.

14. Washington Football Team 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 7-5-1washington_redskins_1000
Last Game: W, 27-22 @ Eagles
Last Week: 13

Brandon: Washington came up big on the road in Philly to stay alive, but they need some help to make the playoffs. That tie…

Erick: Still in the mix, and they get the struggling Panthers next.

15. Miami Dolphins green_arrow_up
Record: 8-54105_miami_dolphins-primary-2013
Last Game: W, 26-23 vs. Chargers
Last Week: 18

B: Miami wins to keep playoff hopes alive, but lose Tannehill for a few weeks (at least). Not sure if that’s good or bad news.

E: They’ve shown they can beat bad teams, but still need to show they can beat good teams.

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Tier 4 – They have a shot? How?

16. Tennessee Titans 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 7-6tennessee-titans-logo
Last Game: W, 13-10 vs. Broncos
Last Week: 15

B: Nice win by the Titans to stay tied atop the lousy AFC South. Big test up next in Kansas City.

E: The Titans would be a tough out for any team in the AFC playoff picture.

17. Houston Texans green_arrow_up
Record: 7-6Houston_Texans_Logo
Last Game: W, 22-17 @ Colts
Last Week: 20

B: Texans showed a lot of heart and fight in the road win at Indy. Brock still looks terrible and makes terrible throws.

E: The last team anyone wants to watch in the playoffs.

18. Minnesota Vikings 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 7-6large
Last Game: W, 25-16 @ Jaguars
Last Week: 17

B: Rumors are swirling that Adrian Peterson will be good to go by Week 16. Those seats in US Bank Stadium are not going to sell themselves.

E: Still love the defense, but still hate Bradford.

19. Indianapolis Colts 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 6-7indianapolis-colts-logo
Last Game: L, 17-22 vs. Texans
Last Week: 16

B: Colts blew a huge opportunity to put the Texans out of their misery. Colts play Vikings in a “loser leaves town” match. (There are no winners there).

E: Surprisingly still alive.

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Tier 5 –  The Lovable Losers


20. Buffalo Bills 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_Buffalo_Bills_Logo
Record: 6-7
Last Game: L, 24-38 @ Raiders
Last Week: 18

B: Not a great time to be a Bills fan. Season is over, and now it’s about to get freezing cold in Buffalo. Bright side, there is a great hashtag going around….#RexIt

E: This team should be better, but they’re not.

21. Philadelphia Eagles 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 5-7philadelphia_eagle_logo
Last Game: L, 14-32 vs. Packers
Last Week: 21

B: Eagles had a nice run, but the best they can do is hope for .500.

E: That 3-1 start seems like ages ago.

22. Cincinnati Bengalsclipart-download-funny-football-team-pics-and-amusing-football-clipart-9W4z20-clipart green_arrow_up
Record: 5-7-1
Last Game: W, 23-10 @ Browns
Last Week: 26

B: Chance to play spoiler for division-rival Steelers. Not much else to play for.

E: To be honest,  I stopped paying attention to the Bengals, once they lost AJ Green.

23. Carolina Panthers green_arrow_up
Record: 5-8carolina_panthers_logo_2012
Last Game: W, 28-16 vs. Chargers
Last Week: 24

B: Panthers have a shot for 8-8, and can play spoiler like the Bengals. Cam was not impressive against a weak SD defense.

E: They should bounce back next season, as long as Cam remembers to wear a tie.

24. New Orleans Saints 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 5-8200px-new_orleans_saints_svg
Last Game: L, 13-28 vs. Lions
Last Week: 22

B: Drew Brees (0 TD, 6 INT in last two games) has been brutal lately for the Saints at the worst time.

E: Saints can still score points, but they are not stopping anyone.

25. Arizona Cardinalsarizona_cardinals_logo.png 9i4edn75t
Record: 5-7-1
Last Game: L, 23-26 @.Dolphins
Last Week: 25

B: Heartbreaking loss in the rain to the Dolphins thanks to turnover-machine Carson Palmer. David Johnson continues to have a great season.

E: So far one of the biggest flops this season.

23. San Diego Chargers 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 5-8LTKkgLKoc
Last Game: L, 21-28 vs. Buccaneers
Last Week: 23

B: Philip Rivers has not been great in the last 6 games: 14 TD, 13 INT, 2-4 record. Injuries have hurt this team but he turns it over a ton.

E: Have they moved yet?

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Tier 6 –  Dumpster Fires


Welcome to the bottom of the barrel. You do not want to be a fan for one of these teams. Take our advice and trust us on this one. No new teams this week, but we suspect a few are joining soon! Who is next?

27. New York Jets green_arrow_up
200px-New_York_Jets_logo_svgRecord: 4-9
Last Game: L, 10-41 vs. Colts
Last Week: 30

B: Showed heart and guts in the comeback win. Oh never mind, it was against the 49ers.

E: They’re not good, but hey at least they’re not the 49ers.

28. Los Angeles Rams 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
st-_louis_rams_logoRecord: 4-9
Last Game: L, 14-42 vs. Falcons
Last Week: 27

B: I wanted to move them to #30, but now that they have freed us of Lord Volder-…i mean Jeff Fisher, I’m curious to see how they respond on TNF.

E: I might move them up in the rankings next week, now that they got rid of their Jeff Fisher problem.

29. Chicago Bears 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
ktmkrakmcRecord: 3-10
Last Game: L, 17-20 @ Lions
Last Week: 28

B: Bears showed a lot of fight against division-leading Lions. Alshon expected back next week should help Barkley.

E: They can’t play the 49ers every week.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars 2000px-red_arrow_down-svg_
Record: 2-11Jacksonville_Jaguars.svg
Last Game: L, 16-25 vs. Vikings
Last Week: 29

B: This team needs to be completely revamped on offense with exceptions to Allen Robinson and Marquis Lee.

E: Until he gets traded, or gets another QB , it’s still “ Free Allen Robinson “ for me.

31. San Francisco 49ers 9i4edn75t
san_francisco_49ers_logoRecord: 1-12
Last Game: L, 17-23 vs. Jets
Last Week: 31

B: By far the most embarrassing loss of the season…blowing a double-digit lead on the Jets. The JETS! Definition of a dumpster fire.

E: The 49ers have lost back to back games to bottom 5 teams, they are truly earning the low ranking they have.

32. Cleveland Browns 9i4edn75t
2000px-Cleveland_Browns_B.svgRecord: 0-13
Last Game: L, 10-23 vs. Bengals
Last Week: 32

B: Browns bet shot at a win came and went this past week. Staring 0-16 in the face.

E: Only the Browns can be worse than this year’s horrible 49ers team.

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